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Five Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Although there are many types of people out there who can be successful entrepreneurs, many of them tend to share similar traits. There's always the chance that you'll be the one who broke the mold, but sometimes, it helps to work on character building to really develop as a successful businessperson.

Moreover, many people have misconceptions about what it takes to start a business. Not just any old workaholic will do -- entrepreneurs also need to be risk-takers, networkers, and people who can think outside the box. If you're wondering what kinds of traits the most successful entrepreneurs share -- and whether you have what it takes -- read on.

A Thick Skin
The one thing that you need to make it in the business world is a thick skin. You're going to encounter a lot of obstacles in your career -- ones that are going to make you want to say 'uncle' and give up. It's those who find the resilience to power through, who can think of creative ways to jump these hurdles, that are most likely to make it big. Are you able to move forward after a great failure? Are you able to keep asking for what you want even after getting rejected 10, 20, 50 times? Then you just might be an entrepreneur in the making.

Tech Savvy
It's 2015. You simply can't become a businessperson if you don't know your way around the latest collaboration software, business phone systems, digital marketing channels, et cetera. This isn't necessarily to say that you need to be a seasoned web developer or someone who builds their own computers, but you need the willingness to learn and an interest in the latest trends.

Something that sets all entrepreneurs apart from the rest is their vision: their ability to see opportunities where others see closed doors. You need the ability to envision the potential of an idea that isn't fully formed, and to seize learning experiences knowing that they might lead to something greater. Those with vision are ahead of the game, and aren't disheartened by the naysayers.

Even the best ideas can't be brought to fruition without a little confidence behind them. How can you convince investors to help you with your business if you don't even seem convinced yourself? Confidence can be built through acquiring enough knowledge to be able to back yourself up -- explain why the risk you're about to take is more promising than it seems.

The Ability to Adapt
It's hard to go from working in an office with 9-5 hours and plenty of vacation days to running a business with unpredictable hours. Of course, that's why in the business world, only the strong survive. You need to be able to adapt to new situations, whether you're working with an office space that's a little unconventional or you've got a weekend of very demanding trade shows ahead of you. If you're going to get your business off the ground, you need to be flexible. There's no way around it.

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