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Making Your Video Conferences and Online Meetings More Productive!

How much time do you spend in unproductive meetings? The average business professional attends 62 meetings a month. That results in 31 hours a month of wasted time! So how do you get the most of your meetings? The answer is with the right video conferencing software.

At Broadview, we want to help you maximize your time. That’s why our online meeting software, OfficeSuite HD Meeting®, was just upgraded with new features that make your meeting experience more productive and user-friendly.

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Schedule Meetings in Seconds

Stop wasting time switching between multiple screens and windows when trying to schedule or update meeting times. Our new Outlook® plug-in makes scheduling and editing meetings so much easier. In addition, you get a unique Personal Meeting Identifier – one number that serves as your online meeting ID. You can now save even more time and hassle by scheduling with your personal ID number.

Better Controls for Meeting Attendees

Doesn’t it often feel like attendees aren’t involved in online meetings? Typically it’s just the host who is able to engage the group with tools like annotation that let them point out specific points in documents and presentations. But with our new attendee controls, it’s easier to collaborate and get others engaged in the meeting. We added new attendee controls including “raise hand” and “request for mouse and keyboard control” and Attendee co-annotation during screen sharing to do just that!

See Everyone in the Meeting

With most video conferencing platforms, you are limited to how many people’s videos feeds are actually shown. With OfficeSuite HD Meeting®, we let you see everyone, up to 100 people! Simply scroll through the Gallery View page to see everyone’s video and keep a better pulse on who attended and who’s actively engaged in the meeting. And if people choose to join without video, it displays their name so you at least know they are there! If you want to see who recently spoke, that’s easy – all the recent active speakers are displayed in thumbnail videos.

Never Schedule the Wrong Time Again

Most companies operate within multiple time zones and if you’ve ever had to schedule a meeting for people in Eastern Standard Time, Central Time, Mountain Time, Pacific Time, and/or international time zones, you have to do a lot of counting on your fingers to get it all right. (‘Are they always 6 hours ahead in England, and are they really 12 hours ahead in Japan?!’) With our online video conferencing, you never have to worry about that again and risk offending a new potential partner or client who may live in another region or country. HD Meeting automatically recognizes your default time zone based on your computer settings so that your scheduling and reports are always correct.

Share the Web

Many times we want to direct everyone’s attention to a company website or new online advertisement we’re launching. Since we live, breathe and do business online, why not be able to share URL links within meetings? Now it’s very easy – you simply paste the URL link you want to share into the group chat window and everyone in the meeting can instantly click on your link.

Join Incognito

We’ve all had to work from home or from the road and had issues trying to join a meeting without disturbing the other attendees with whatever background sights and sounds might be around us. Our HD Meeting web meeting software lets you mute your microphone and turn off your video when joining a meeting so as not to disrupt the other attendees.

Chat it Up

There are times throughout the course of a meeting when you might want to chat with a colleague. But if there are many people on the call, it could take too long to find the name of the person you need to send a quick, private note to. You can now scroll and sort the list of chat names so it’s faster and easier to find who you want to message.

Better Mobile Experience

Not all online conferencing tools work well on mobile, but that’s not the case with HD Meeting. We understand people are moving about all the time and joining meetings from their iPhone® and iPad® - so joining, hosting or sharing your screen from a mobile device is easy. That’s also why we made clickable links for those devices so it’s easier to access a meeting when out of your office. With the HD Meeting app, you can also control far-end Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras so it’s easier to manipulate how your video feed is shown in the meeting. Lastly, you can also screen share with any iPhone® and iPad® app to remote participants.

Can you imagine you get all these amazing features for a fraction of the cost of other meeting services? See for yourself why OfficeSuite HD Meeting is a better value.

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