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Sustainable Practices Every Business Can Implement Today

Environmentally conscious business practices are becoming more widespread thanks to advances in technology and global warming initiatives. It seems that everyone is making strides to preserve the environment however they can. While it may not be possible for businesses to go 100 percent green, there are many ways your company can reduce its carbon footprint.

By implementing environmentally conscious products and practices gradually, your organization will be on the path to sustainability. Here are just a few ways any organization can get started today.

I know what you’re thinking, we all know about recycling, but you’d be surprised how many businesses still don’t recycle paper. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency,, (EPA), the average office worker generates approximately 2 pounds of paper and paperboard products every single day. From mistakes printed on laser printer paper to bad photocopies, 90 percent of all office waste is paper. The consumption is there, so just make sure you encourage your employees to recycle their paper waste. Simple actions like putting recycling containers where it is most convenient for them, such as: at their individual desks, near copiers, printers and in mailrooms, will make a huge difference in how much your organization collectively recycles.

Conserve Energy
An increasingly more common update that businesses of all sizes are making is switching to automatic lights. This not only saves you money, but conserves a great deal of energy. Having the lights operate through a sensor, allows for the lights throughout your business to only turn on when your employees are present and lights are actually needed. In addition to lighting, everyone is able to set their computer monitor to shut off after a certain amount of time it has been idle. And, before you leave at night, make it a policy to shut your computers down. It’s the little things that we can all do that will play a big role in the conservation of the earth’s precious resources.

As the demand for flexibility, cost-savings and mobility increases, the adoption of cloud-based business communication solutions like OfficeSuite® Phone continue to rise. These solutions also provide your company with several opportunities to reduce your environmental impact.

Remote Collaboration
Because cloud-based systems seamlessly incorporate remote employees and satellite offices into your communications network and offer high quality HD video, audio and web conferencing solutions like HD Meeting®, you are able to easily and effectively collaborate with clients and colleagues online. With fewer employees needing to commute to the office or travel for meetings, your company can drastically reduce your greenhouse emissions and overall impact on the environment.

Reduce Paper Use
Traditional faxing may seem archaic, but many industries still rely upon faxing , such as medical offices, financial and legal institutions. Cloud-based systems offer the ability to reduce the amount of paper wasted with sophisticated online fax or fax-to-email functionality. This significantly reduces the need for incoming printed faxes and printed fax records.

Cloud Storage
Cloud computing, as it compares to running servers from within your individual business, is much more environmentally-friendly. With virtual cloud servers, capacity is shared between a number of businesses which means resources are allocated and fewer machines are needed and less energy is wasted. Businesses can also buy cloud server space in whatever amount they need, helping to save both money and energy in the long-term. By nature, servers get extremely hot and require a high quality cooling system which is costly to run and maintain. Since the cloud operates on a much larger scale, it utilizes more efficient layouts to keep servers cool. In the cloud, your systems to run at a much higher capacity, requiring less hardware and saving more energy.

Earth Day is a great reminder of how we all can do our part. Implementing more eco-friendly business practices and products into your company culture is not only beneficial to your bottom line and the environment, but will strengthen your brand and reputation within the community.

Nicole Yeager

About Nicole Yeager

Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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