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The Importance of Customer Service Meetings

Any entrepreneur knows that good customer service is invaluable to a company. Managing your customer service practices is imperative for making a good impression on customers: it gives you the opportunity to make things right when they’re unsatisfied, and it allows you to create a ‘personality’ for people to associate with your business. However, what many employers don’t know is that just because customer service isn’t bad doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good. As a matter of fact, some upper-level managers don’t know what customer service is like at all, since they come face-to-face with their representatives so rarely. For these reasons, holding customer service meetings can be hugely beneficial to how your clients perceive your company and, therefore, your company’s ability to thrive.

See For Yourself
The main reason, as we just touched upon, that holding regular customer service meetings is important is so that you can get a first-hand view of exactly how your employees engage with your customers. You can’t rely on them to tell you what needs to be improved, you need to have input on the status quo so that you can come up with ideas on what needs to change.

After aggregating reports, listening to customer feedback, and having discussions with different teams within the company, you’ll get an idea of what areas of the business are troubled. Having regular meetings allows you to stay on top of what aspects of the business need improvement, but it also allows you and your employees to brainstorm ways to fix them. Perhaps your employees just need a little incentive – you won’t know that unless they speak up, and this is their chance. Or, maybe some of your employees don’t work well on their team. Again, they could bring this up in the brainstorming meeting so that you can work together to find a solution.

Recognize and Hold Accountability
It’s been proven that people are more driven to achieve a goal if they know they’ll be recognized. People also perform better when they have others to hold them accountable. Having sessions within group meetings during which your employees can talk about their weekly wins – turning an unhappy customer into a happy one, multiplying a sale, et cetera – and pat each other on the back is great for productivity. Similarly, having these group discussions about personal performance instills a sense of accountability – your employees don’t want to show up with nothing to brag about, so they’ll work harder.

Simple Involvement
If you’re upper-level and generally aren’t around much, it will improve morale if your employees know that you still prioritize your involvement. Just the simple fact of having these meetings reinforces the team mentality and will ensure that everyone understands their value – a feeling which will translate to their customer service efforts.

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