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Using your Apple Watch for Business

Now that the Apple watch has arrived, maybe you’re one of the early adopters and already have it gracing your wrist. As with any brand new technology, many people have purchased this watch, but haven’t quite figured out the best way to integrate it into their lifestyles. The fact that there are over 2,500 different apps available certainly doesn’t help.

Wearables are actually very useful for business, so you’re in luck. We’ve taken a look at some of the available apps and compiled a list that can help you streamline your job as a businessperson.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Ozawa via Flickr

Mint has been a popular app for quite some time now. Many people use the desktop site or the mobile version, but now you can manage your finances just by lifting your wrist. Mint keeps you updated on your finances by allowing you to set budgets for certain categories and alerting you when you’ve gone overboard. It also provides you with options for saving money, whether it’s consolidating a loan or transferring your credit card balance. If managing your budget is a big part of your job, you might find Mint to be very handy.

American Airlines
The American Airlines app for Apple Watch has been made very streamlined. When you’re rushing to the airport to travel, you can now look to your wrist to see what gate you’re boarding at, what time the plane boards, where to pick up your baggage, and whether there are any delays. It saves you a lot of time from logging in on the website, plus it’s extremely convenient to get alerted immediately.

If you haven’t heard, Slack is a messaging platform popular among businesses. It allows you to create chatrooms and private conversations so that you can discuss projects with coworkers in an organized fashion. Now, you can get all the important updates on your Apple watch, so you can keep an eye on how projects are going even while travelling or away from your computer.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Ozawa via Flickr

This is another app that has been popular on desktop and mobile for quite some time. Evernote is a key player in keeping many businesspeople organized because it allows you to keep notes, share documents, set reminders, and more. It’s basically a bulletin board, an alarm clock, and a notepad all in one. Being able to access it from your smartwatch means you can easily set reminders, dismiss them, and review notes. It makes your business processes quick, easy, and all in one place.

The cloud-based service known as Invoice2go allows professionals to create price estimates, purchase orders, and invoices while also providing a summary of money owed and paid. It also allows you to track time within the app so you can provide more accurate pricing when necessary.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Ozawa via Flickr

Photos courtesy of Ryan Ozawa via Flickr

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