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Is your Company Out of Touch? If you Fear the Cloud, then Yes

It wasn’t very long ago that those who lauded the cloud as the “Next Big Thing for Business” were ridiculed by those who were perfectly content with their current business technology. Whether you know it or not, those cloud-worshipers have been totally vindicated – the cloud delivered on all of its virtuous promises, and if you’re not benefiting from that, then, as harsh as it may sound, you are behind the times.

Security has been the biggest concern among business owners since data began to go virtual. But now that technology has made things more efficient, there are other game-changing factors to consider: driving down costs, proving to customers that you’re on-board with modern technology, and efficiency, to name a few. Your technology has a lot more it has to deliver on; you’re not going to survive by marketing how secure you are, because security has become so second-nature to IT professionals.

When the world is changing around you, you’ve got to keep up if you don’t want your clients to raise an eyebrow and consider switching an option. You’re always at risk of being interrupted by someone who’s doing what you are doing, but better. If all the newest businesses are using the cloud – and the latest cloud functionalities – there has to be good reason.

People use the cloud because they “want to change the mindset internally, [the employees] internal way of working. They want people to think differently… and therefore [they] move to the cloud,” says Don McLean, a veteran of cloud design and integration as well as the managing director at Fronde Australia.

For some, switching to cloud phone systems, data organization, and apps poses some concerns. Why would I want my data to be hosted far away from me? Why would I want someone else overseeing it? The answer to those questions is, in large part, because there are people out there who are better than you at managing your data and keeping it secure. They can do it for cheaper. Plus, you’ll get much better service for your money.

People are still concerned with security, and they always will be – but what people need to understand is that security is no longer a reason not to switch to the cloud. Those who operate the cloud likely know more about security than anyone on your team. And, if you use Gmail or any other app you can access from your phone, computer, and tablet, you’ve already integrated the cloud into your daily life.  So, why not integrate this technology into your business as well?

Nicole Yeager

About Nicole Yeager

Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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