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Top Natural Disasters in the U.S. – and What they Mean for Businesses

Over the past 60 years, there have been over 2,000 major disasters declared in the United States. When disaster strikes, the economy takes a serious hit. Some businesses suffer financial loss so great that they never reopen. Natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy have devastated local communities almost to the point of no return, costing billions in reparations to infrastructure, businesses and the lives to those personally affected.

However, hurricanes are not the only natural disasters that pose a threat to business continuity. Events such as tornadoes, floods, fires, and snow storms all leave business vulnerable without proper disaster preparedness planning. With cloud-based systems like OfficeSuite® Phone, business have unlimited and remote access to phone and communications systems to ensure operations stay up and running.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, National Center for Environmental Information, and The Insurance Information Institute

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Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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