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6 Must Have Business Apps for Your New Apple Watch

You’ve just received a new Apple Watch for the holidays, now what? These new smartwatches are incredibly handy little gadgets – especially for the busy professional. The fact that the notifications are both immediate and discrete means you can stay on top of your work while in meetings, running to catch a flight, or having lunch with a client.

Here are 6 must have business apps to improve your day-to-day life on the go.

Microsoft OneDrive
It might sound a bit counterintuitive that the Apple Watch would have a Microsoft application, but it’s true. This year, Microsoft updated its OneDrive app for functionality on this device. The app allows you to quickly and easily flip through anything you keep in your Microsoft drive like documents, photos, and appointments.

The Apple Watch is also compatible with some features in the SalesForce1 app, including analytics and messaging. Though you can’t respond to or send messages, you can read messages and see who sent them, which is a perfect way to stay in the loop even when you can’t be at your desk. Quickly read the message, decide if you need to respond immediately, and get on with your day – you don’t need to be taking out your phone or laptop while you’re in a meeting or out at a social event.

Office Remote
Another Microsoft app that you might find useful is the Office Remote. When you’re in a meeting giving a presentation or pitching that new product to a big buyer, you can make smooth transitions between slides by using your watch to flip from one slide to the next. You can simultaneously track your time to make sure that you’re not rambling.

Broadview’s MyOfficeSuite app is incredibly useful for enabling internal communications regardless of what device you are on. Anyone in your company can send chat messages and the message will display on the Apple Watch saying who it is from and the time it was received. This is perfect for executives in meetings who need to stay up-to-date on important matters, but don’t want to be rude and look at their phones.

Log hours, get notifications for paid invoices, and share invoice data with the Invoice2Go app for your smartwatch. This app makes it incredibly easy to make sure that everyone in the office is on the same page, and if you get paid by the hour, you’ll especially appreciate the ability to keep more accurate records of the time you’re putting in. It even has the ability to start logging time based on your location, so it will automatically start logging hours once you get inside a job site.

Looking for ways to boost productivity around the office? The CommitTo3 app encourages your colleagues – or even your friends or family – to commit to three important tasks that day. Having these tasks on your wrist serves as a good forget-me-not, and you can send reminders to others throughout the day. Once the tasks are completed, you’ll get notifications, so you’ll always be up to date.

What other business apps are you finding useful on your new Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below!

Nicole Yeager

About Nicole Yeager

Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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