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Four Examples of Customer Service to Aspire To

Good customer service can go a long way, but since so many businesses are beginning to outsource their customer service departments, noteworthy customer service experiences are becoming less and less common. There’s something about a personal touch – about a company trying to truly resolve an issue – that makes you want to be a customer for life. As a manager or business owner, leaving such an impression is something you should aspire to do.

We get it – there are a lot of business processes to worry about. But maybe these examples of exemplary customer service will refresh your memory and re-inspire you to do better business.

CVS – Helping People out of the Kindness of their Hearts
A lot of customer service stories involve a disgruntled customer experiencing a business going above and beyond to correct the issue. This is not one of those stories. CVS, a massive chain of drugstores in the US, actually has a Good Samaritan Van. This van patrols local highways looking to help stranded motorists with car troubles. They don’t advertise these vans, they just do it out of the kindness of their hearts…and, of course, hoping to leave a good impression of the company. You can read a story about someone being saved by a Good Samaritan Van here.

Ritz Carlton – Taking Food Allergies Very Seriously
Another heartwarming story involves a family who arrived at the Ritz-Carlton hotel only to find that their special eggs and milk, which they brought for their son with severe food allergies, did not survive the trip. The manager and staff of the hotel searched around the city for replacement items, but could not find them. The executive chef did, however, remember a location in Singapore that sold them. He managed to convince his mother-in-law to purchase the products and fly them to Bali for the family to enjoy.

Trader Joe’s – Sure, we can Deliver
Worried about her 89-year-old father’s food supply during a snowstorm, a daughter called various stores begging them to deliver food to his home. Trader Joe’s is not an establishment that normally delivers, but in this particular case, they decided to make an exception. They even mentioned other food items that her father might like and which would fit into his low-sodium diet. When all was said and done, they delivered the food within 30 minutes, and as a Christmas gift, told her she didn’t need to pay for it.

Jet Blue – The People Officer
It’s not an experience every Jet Blue flier will get to have, but it’s definitely something to hope to encounter. The Jet Blue People Officer has been seen riding Jet Blue planes, randomly announcing that he has free plane tickets to give away. He played games and offered these tickets – which can be used to fly anywhere Jet Blue goes – to the winners. He also answered questions about Jet Blue and addressed any customer complaints.

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