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5 Must-have Capabilities for the Best Video Conferencing Solutions

Collaboration is essential in everyday life, and especially vital in business. As workforces continue to become more mobile and distributed, collaboration solutions like video conferencing, make staying connected internally and with clients both simple and affordable.

However, not all conferencing solutions are created equal. Specific feature settings offer the ability to have more efficient and really personalize meetings. In addition to the standard requirements of high security and screen share capabilities, there are other requirements to consider that can really make a difference in the functionality of the solution.

Here are the 5 must-have capabilities to look for when choosing your next video conferencing solution.

1. Dynamic Voice Detection
Video conferencing and online meetings are a common practice for almost every organization today. That being said, the meetings can get rather large. Some of the best services offer the ability to meet with up to 100 participants at one time. This is where features like dynamic voice detection make all the difference. With voice detection, the picture of the person who is speaking becomes highlighted, making it easier to follow and allowing for for more personalized and efficient meetings.

2. Calendar Integration
Many video conferencing solutions offer calendar integration capabilities, but they are often limited to just Outlook. However, many companies and individuals today use Gmail and Google calendars. Having a solution that supports both provides you with the ability to schedule meetings through personalized calendar invitations for either platform.

3. Video and Audio Recording
One of the most useful benefits of video conferencing solutions is the ability to record your meetings for future use. Whether you are creating a webinar, interviewing someone or hosting an important client meeting, having the recording available in standard video and audio file formats like standard Mp3 video and MPEG audio formats to easily replay, share or listen to is a must-have capability and one you will definitely put to use regularly.

4. Desktop and Mobile Applications
The best solutions will offer the ability to streamline the use of their solution through applications. Desktop and mobile applications are incredibly useful for those who use conferencing daily. It’s important to find a solution that only requires you to download the application once, instead of with every single meeting. This will ensure that you can join and start meetings instantly and without time-consuming delays.

5. Group and Individual Chat
Internal chat is extremely beneficial to every organization, however corporate chat clients can cost hundreds of dollars. This feature is certainly a must-have component for seamless collaboration and should be included as part of any video conferencing solution you select. Whether you need to send a quick message to an individual or select individuals during a meeting, or you need to ask a question outside of a meeting, both the solution and its respective applications: desktop and mobile should offer this advanced capability.

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Nicole Yeager

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Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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