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5 UC Features to Help Your Customers Avoid Disasters

5 UC Features to Help Your Customers Avoid Disasters

As we know, natural disasters can strike at anytime and have become more frequent and severe in recent years due to climate change. Over the past 60 years, there have been over 2,000 major disasters declared in the United States alone. 

When disasters strike, businesses suffer significant financial loss, so great, that some never reopen. The average business loses an astonishing $5,000 per hour when they are down!  According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25 percent of businesses never reopen following a major disaster.

Sharing these statistics with your customers and prospects will help to ensure that they take the necessary steps to enlist the right communications solution and provider. Undeniably, communications is the most important component in any business, so stressing how the right business technology can keep their internal and external communications intact is key.

Cloud unified communications (UC) solutions offer businesses new opportunities for flexibility, mobility and business continuity. However, not all UC solutions are created equal. The degree to which cloud phone systems are hosted in the cloud have proved to be essential to the level of flexibility they can deliver.  Downtime and on-site failures can be severely reduced when everything is secured 100 percent in the cloud.

Here are 5 UC features that will help your customers avoid disasters.

1.      Online Management 
Enabling your customers to have all of their critical communications secured in the cloud and accessible online from any device is imperative to their business continuity. You want to ensure that their communication features can not only be accessed from anywhere, but managed quickly and easily. Having the ability to make important changes from anywhere, such as rerouting calls to outside phones, recording greetings and auto attendants, checking voicemail and sending a fax, are all critical to keeping their customers informed and ensuring they remain connected in the event of closure.

2.     Video Conferencing 
Having the right software and applications in place not only makes your customer’s day-to-day business more efficient, but can really be a life line for them in the wake of disastrous circumstances. Quality high definition audio, video and web conferencing solutions offer your customers the ability to collaborate easily anytime. Virtual face-to-face meetings grant the flexibility to share important documents, give presentations and meet with clients and colleagues from anywhere in real-time. Your customer’s business really won't skip a beat with the right conferencing solution in place.

3.      Softphones
Empowering your customers with the right tools to keep their business communications intact in advance is essential. Softphones are a great way for business calls to remain professional off-site. With softphones, any PC, MAC or smartphone can be turned into their office phone, utilizing their same phone number, extension and settings. This ensures that their employees can communicate just as if they were in the office, using company minutes. And, the best part is, the company phone number for their outbound Caller ID always remains professional.

4.     Mobile Twinning 
When your customers are not sure where they will be, mobile twinning is the perfect feature to have in place.  Mobile twinning provides the unique ability for customers to utilize their mobile phone, business phone or any other phone they choose interchangeably. When twinning is enabled, their office phone and the other phone number selected, will ring simultaneously. This ensures that they can pick up the call on either phone and never miss an important call no matter where they physically are. This is an ideal feature to have in place as part of every disaster preparedness plan because even if twinning is not turned on and a disaster strikes, their employees can instantly turn the feature on through their online portal, from anywhere.  And, even though calls may ring on their twinned phone number, if the call is not answered, the caller is sent to an office voicemail, not a personal voicemail, ensuring callers always hear a professional greeting .

5.     Automatic Failover
Although cloud-based communication solutions are much more reliable than traditional phone line services, disastrous events could still affect your customer’s internet connection. Therefore, having a backup method for internet access is fundamental to have in place. Automatic VoIP Failover options ensure if their primary line of communications or internet connection should fail, their service is automatically switched over to an alternate failover line, or even public internet access. This feature ensures your customers don’t experience any downtime and is a definite must-have for every one of your cloud phone customers.  

Businesses may face challenging circumstances where they need to physically close due to an emergency. Whether it's a minor outage or a catastrophic event, if your customers adopt the right unified communications solution and these essential features in advance, it will help ensure business can take place as usual, from wherever they need it to.

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