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Broadview Unveils Game-Changing Agent Portal and Interactive Sales Tool

Broadview Unveils Game-Changing Agent Portal and Interactive Sales Tool

Earlier this year, Broadview released the MyOfficeSuite Agent portal, offering agents the unique ability to manage all of their customer accounts in real-time from a single website. The portal’s intuitive design and functionality provides agents with unmatched visibility, accessibility and advanced interactive sales tools designed to help simplify management and grow their business.

Crafted specifically to meet the demands and needs of the Agent Channel, MyOfficeSuite Agent encompasses key functionalities that aid in the management, retainment and sales of customer accounts.

Here are just some of the highlights of this advanced online tool.

Centralized Management
This one-of- a-kind online dashboard centralizes all of an agents customer accounts into one website, accessible through a single set of login credentials. Beyond just the time-saving and convenience of accessing and administrating every customer’s needs through one site, the MyOfficeSuite agent portal also provides direct access into customer’s individual systems through the customer MyOfficeSuite portal. Once access is granted by the customer, agents can make changes to their customer’s individual systems on their behalf instantly.

Quick Quote
The quote process has been forever streamlined, making it easy to close deals quickly. The MyOfficeSuite Agent portal features a built-in Quick Quote tool that enables agents to build and present custom system quotes instantly right through the portal.

Order Expediting Tools
Advanced ordering tools have been included to help agents expedite the entire ordering process. The portal’s unique Order Wizard feature provides agents with essential customer information to ensure a smooth and timely install process from start to finish. Agents can easily manage, build, install and activate their customer’s services with just a few clicks. Once orders are placed, the status of every customer order is displayed in real-time so agents can track its progress and contact the project manager assigned to each account directly if needed.

Revenue Generation Tools
The MyOfficeSuite Agent platform is designed to help agents manage retain and generate new revenue.  The portal conveniently breaks down customer account details and displays them for quick reference.  At a glance, agents can view which customers are up for renewals each month and set reminders to connect with the customer at the right time, ensuring existing revenue never slips away.  Another great feature is that customer revenue is broken down by products, making it easy to identify new revenue opportunities by seeing the services each customer account is lacking.

Customer Satisfaction Reporting
Keeping an active pulse on the satisfaction level of each and every customer has never been easier for agents. The Insights tab within the MyOfficeSuite Agent portal provides an accurate analysis of each customer and a report card showing the health of their account. This feature also offers agents the opportunity to view any customer inquiries made into Broadview’s support, billing and service teams, to resolve outstanding issues and to identify accounts that may require further attention.

The MyOfficeSuite Agent portal is just one example of Broadview’s dedication to our agent partners.  We remain committed to providing the best tools in the industry to help agents compete and excel in the marketplace. Visit our website to learn more about Broadview’s Agent Program and our revolutionary MyOfficeSuite Agent portal.

"Moving phone systems is like brain surgery and there is no room for error. The MyOfficeSuite Agent portal gives me a degree of transparency I don’t have with other products." -Prime Telecommunications

“MyOfficeSuite Agent is completely unique and will help me to sell and retain more customers. From one system, we can manage all of our customers down to an employee level.” – Glacier Communications

“No other agent dashboard ties in so much vital functionality while at the same time being so user-friendly. Broadview has developed an amazing platform that is absolutely partner-centric inside and out.”- Telarus


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