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Broadview’s OfficeSuite HD Meeting's Latest Enhancements Offer Users Even More Capabilities

Broadview’s OfficeSuite HD Meeting's Latest Enhancements Offer Users Even More Capabilities

Broadview is proud to announce the release of exciting new upgrades to its award-winning HD video, audio and web conferencing solution, OfficeSuite HD Meeting®.  These new and advanced capabilities are designed to further enhance employee productivity and collaboration for all users.

The new upgrades unveiled today are available to all existing customers at no additional cost. Broadview OfficeSuite HD Meeting® customers will receive an upgrade notification granting full access to all of the latest enhancements. The update is available for all devices running Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems.

Here is a sneak peak of the latest new features and functionality that OfficeSuite HD Meeting® now provides:

New Featuresfor Windows and Apple MAC:

Breakout Rooms  
Meeting hosts can now conveniently split meetings up into 50 separate sessions automatically or manually, and switch between sessions at any time with our new Breakout Rooms feature. This is the perfect tool when running a virtual training session or team exercise where you need to break participants up into groups and assign different tasks. All participants will continue to have full audio, video and screen share capabilities.

Remote Support  
Support can now be provided remotely. With the new Remote Support feature, requests to control desktops, applications or computer restarts are enabled. This feature is extremely helpful for service-related departments who need to assist with remote issues.

Dual Camera
Users can now offer more enhanced demonstrations and trainings with the new Dual Camera feature. Through its web camera input and screen share capability, two web cameras can be used at the same time during meetings.  

Pause / Resume Recording 
Meeting recording is a widely used feature of OfficeSuite HD Meeting® and it just got better. This popular feature now offers the ability to pause and resume recording during recording sessions, offering users more control and the ability to make recorded meetings, webinars, trainings and videos even more professional. 

Interactive meetings have taken on a whole new meaning with our new Whiteboard feature. Users can now share a blank page to collaborate with others. Annotations can be made by any participant and even multiple participants at the same time. 

Virtual Background
When meeting with clients and prospects, you want to ensure you project a professional image, no matter where you are meeting from.  With our new Virtual Background feature you can now select a virtual picture as your video background to provide a more professional background and limit distractions for participants.  '

Closed Captioning
Whether you are meeting with a hearing impaired individual or someone without audio capabilities, our new Closed Captioning feature enables the host or any other participant to type the captioning during the meeting so everyone in your meeting is always included in the discussion.

PIN Video
 Pin Video is a great way to personalize meetings to your own needs and liking. It allows you to focus in and view one specific participant when in screen share mode and disable the active speaker view. The best part is, when pinning your view, it will only impact your local view, not the view of other participants.

Pause Share
For those who need to share their screen and have windows open that you may need, but may not want to reveal to the entire meeting, our new Pause Share feature will really come in handy. This feature allows you to temporarily pause sharing your screen, instead of exposing the entire shared screen to all your participants. 

Shortcut Keys
We are all looking for easier, faster ways to do anything. If you are a fan of commands like CTRL C and V for copy and paste, then you will  love the new Shortcut Keys feature. This allows you to more easily control video, audio and screen share capabilities. 

Updated Interface 
The interface for OfficeSuite HD Meeting® has become even more user-friendly. The newly enhanced interface seamlessly integrates the chat and participant list and allows the floating host menu bar to be can be placed anywhere you need it. 

Our mobile versions have also had some updates.

New iOS Mobile features:

·         Breakout Rooms – supports breakout room participation

·         Whiteboard – support annotation on a whiteboard

·         Pin Video (iPad only) - view one specific participant when in screen share mode

New Android Mobile features:

·         Breakout Rooms – supports breakout room participation

·         Pin Video - view one specific participant when in screen share mode

Learn more about OfficeSuite HD Meeting® and view a complete list of its features.

For detailed instructions on how to use all the new features or more information about this update, be sure to visit Broadview’s Community.  There are over 100 OfficeSuite HD Meeting FAQ’s, step-by-step instructions and variety of support materials available. 

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