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Keep Employees Connected During the Holidays with Cloud Unified Communications

Keep Employees Connected During the Holidays with Cloud Unified Communications

The holiday season is in full swing, leaving some employees finding it difficult to stay focused on work whether in the office or traveling. To keep employees connected and productive through the holidays – and throughout the year – many businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based services, including cloud unified communication (UC) systems like Broadview’s OfficeSuite UC©, allow companies to effectively manage and keep lines of communication open no matter an employee’s location.

This holiday season, businesses can ensure their employees stay connected with the following cloud UC advantages.

Reaching Out

Eliminate any uncertainty around which colleague is working during the holiday season by quickly checking their availability with a presence app. The app allows employees to see who is online at any given time. As email inboxes easily become inundated, employees can also take advantage of company-wide chat to send a brief message, and provide a quick and easy method for others to respond. The best chat apps offer cross-platform functionality to unify and simplify communications across departments and the entire organization, no matter which device an employee is using. This allows employees to keep all of their communications in one place for optimal efficiency and connectivity year-long.


Although employees may not necessarily want to answer the phone while sipping hot cocoa around a warm fireplace with family, they can still be reached, should there be a dire emergency at the office. All employee communications can easily be accessed no matter the location since a cloud-based UC platform is available on desk phones, PCs, smartphones and tablets. A system that is operated 100 percent in the cloud has the unique ability to store all individual user profile information, including a designated phone number, contacts, voicemail and speed dials, in the cloud, eliminating any reliance on equipment on-site, and empowering businesses with true mobility. Furthermore, sophisticated video conferencing solutions allow employees to securely connect with colleagues, customers and partners from anywhere in the world at a second’s notice. For example, start a video conference on a PC in the office and pick it up on an iPhone while on a train headed towards a vacation destination.

Maintaining Professionalism
The holidays create an influx of traveling employees and office closures, creating a need for calls to be delivered where employees are.  Auto attendants route calls logically and make sure that all callers get the same experience, no matter who is available. Plus, since auto attendants operate on routing trees, certain types of calls can be prioritized over others. The cloud also allows an auto attendant to direct calls to employees who may be off-site, assuming their phones have been re-routed to wherever they are. Additionally, mobile access to UC features like softphones, empower employees to make and receive calls on their mobile device using their business number, rather than their personal mobile number, to help uphold professionalism.

With a cloud UC system in place, businesses can look forward to some holiday cheer and never have to worry about what’s happening when employees are not at their desk, because their desk goes where they do. The biggest benefit is that cloud UC not only helps to improve connectivity and productivity through the holiday season, but for the entire year.

Natalia Mykijewycz

About Natalia Mykijewycz

Natalia is the Public Relations Specialist at Broadview Networks, a leading cloud unified communications provider in the nation. She helps to share the company’s enthusiasm for providing sophisticated communications technologies with businesses and partners, and is passionate about the growing roles of mobility and flexibility in the workplace, and how collaborative cloud tools help businesses stay competitive in our always-on world.

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