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7 Technologies that Will Improve Your Own Sales

7 Technologies that Will Improve Your Own Sales

In business, time is money, especially for those who are responsible for producing and increasing sales. Salespeople by nature, are on the go and often under tight deadlines. Therefore, ensuring you empower yourself with the technology that enables you to work as efficiently as possible is key. 

Here are 7 technologies that will help you and your team improve your own sales and work more efficiently.

1.    CRM and Business Communication Integration

Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM) provide a valuable way to manage and analyze customer data throughout the sales lifecycle. However, they become even more effective when they are integrated with your business communications. Cloud-phone system and unified communication integrations eliminate the need to switch back and forth between multiple systems and provide salespeople with immediate and direct access to important contact records. With convenient screen pop ups, click to dial functionality and instantaneous access to contact history, you can communicate and work more effectively, while providing a more personalized customer experience. 

2. Video Conferencing and Online Meeting Solutions 

In person meetings are always a great way to establish a new relationship, but as you know, can sometimes be challenging logistically. Some business deals require multiple decision-makers from different locations, or may take place far away and require multiple meetings where reoccurring travel is not feasible. For these circumstances, and so many others, HD video, audio and web conferencing solutions are a must-have technology for every salesperson. Having the flexibility to hold face to face meetings with upwards of 100 different people at one time from anywhere is a huge advantage. These solutions provide opportunities to give personalized and interactive demonstrations and share contracts and other important documents in real-time. Not to mention, they cost a fraction of the cost of travel.   

 3. Email Follow Up Automation  

Email is an important communication method with your customers and prospects, but can be time consuming to maintain, especially for busy agents on the go. Using software like HubSpot Sales allows you to automate your follow up emails by creating sequences to send a series of emails to prospects over time. By personalizing and tracking each message, you are better able to collect data and identify which messages are most effective.

5. Business Intelligence

A huge part of sales success is having the ability to analyze important data and be able to transfer that into actionable intelligence. However, when the data comes from systems that rely solely on data entry, you can be missing the big picture. Call history can tell you a great deal about you and your team’s sales performance. Phone systems that offer built-in call history reporting enable sales management and team members to pull reports by individual, team, department and location and view important call data such as: number of calls made, received and their duration by any given time period. These reports are more accurate and allow you to drill down to a more granular level to better evaluate and improve performance, even if it is your own.  

5. Visual Voicemail 

Voicemail may seem like a pastime and for many, in our personal lives it is, but in business, customers will still resort to leaving voicemails. Fortunately, we no longer have to waste time finding a quiet place to listen to them or writing down what they say. Many cloud phone systems today offer the convenience of visual voicemail, where messages are transcribed so you can read them quickly, easily and most importantly, discretely while out on other appointments. This is a huge time-saver and lessens the burden of voicemail, especially when on the road.  

6. Internal Chat  

Whether you utilize a stand-alone chat client or one that is built-into your phone system portal or video conferencing software, internal chat can be incredibly helpful. There are often times when you or your prospects have questions that could make or break a deal and require an immediate response. Sending a quick chat message to a coworker will ensure you receive a quicker response and eliminates reliance on a colleague’s overflowing email inbox. 

7. Business Apps 

There are so many useful business apps out there that every professional should be taking advantage of. However, one that definitely comes in handy for any salesperson or agent is Profit Story. This easy to use app, calculates what the margin would be on each deal in advance, along with other important profit-based metrics that are always good to know going into a meeting. 

There is no doubt an arsenal of technology solutions available for your business. Taking advantage of these 7 technologies and other valuable tools available will not only help increase your own sales, but will streamline your daily operations and improve your overall efficiency.

Nicole Yeager

About Nicole Yeager

Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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