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4 Reasons to Promote Cordless Phones to Your Customers

4 Reasons to Promote Cordless Phones to Your Customers

Mobility in the office or you customer's work environment can be just as instrumental for productivity as mobility outside of the office. We see this all the time with simple electronics like a wireless mouse or keyboard.  The same holds true for their communications, especially in businesses where employees are required to move around frequently.    

There are a variety of uses and needs for cordless phones in the workplace. Now, when say cordless phone, it's important to explain to your customers that we are not referring to their old portable phone from the 90’s. We are talking about high quality cordless business phones. These come with the same bells and whistles and call functionality as their desk phone, but are more functional for workplaces where mobility is needed. 

Here are 4 reasons to promote cordless phones to your customers.

  1. Cost
Depending on their business space, installing phones where your customer's need them can be rather costly. Cordless phones are an ideal solution for situations where Ethernet cabling is too expensive or unavailable.  The best part is, with cordless business phones, all they need is a power outlet. No jacks or expensive wiring is required, making them a cost-effective phone solution for many businesses. 

2. Flexibility
There are many types of businesses that require employees to have the ability to access multiple locations while servicing customers. Whether in a retail store, office, warehouse or a business where employees just need access to the storage room, cordless phones provide the perfect avenue for flexibility and functionality, boasting upwards of 150 feet of free roaming.  

3. Sound Quality
Some smaller businesses may be thinking, why can’t we just use company cell phones if flexibility is needed? Besides keeping calls with their customers professional, cordless phones sound a whole lot better.  Studies show that voice quality for talking and listening is better on cordless phones than the of the best cell phones, especially for those who suffer from hearing loss or work in noisy business environments. 

4. Functionality  
Another reason businesses are flocking to the flexibility of cordless business phones, is their feature sets. From phone-to-phone intercom, caller ID, hold and three-way conferencing, combining the flexibility of cordless freedom with advanced calling features is a win-win. Cordless desk phones provide businesses with even more versatility, offering premium business phone features like, extension dialing, do not disturb, VIP ringtones, caller ID with the caller’s name, full duplex speakerphone, mute, hold and convenient volume controls on the handset itself. It doesn't get much better when they can have access to these advanced features and eliminate the nuisance of cords. 

Cordless business phones provide many advantages to businesses looking for cost- effective, quality voice calling and unrestricted mobility in the workplace. Broadview proudly offers a wide range of cordless phones and accessories to meet every budget and need.  


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Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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