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5 Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Business

5 Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Business

Getting press is not just for large companies with a big public relations budget. Creating buzz in the telecom industry involves being authentic to yourself and your business, after all, PR is the active maintenance of the perception and relationship between your company and the public. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort into getting good press exposure and creating a positive image for potential clients, doing PR yourself can be a great money-saving option, especially since the best stories can come directly from you, the brains behind the operation.

Putting together your own PR strategy includes building credible, compelling content that demonstrates to your current and potential clients that you understand and can solve the technological challenges business’ face today. Whether your goal is to generate leads, enhance your business' overall image, or to position yourself as a thought-leader in the telecom industry, by following these 5 tips, you can help to generate positive buzz for your own business.

1. Become knowledgeable about the industry

There are press angles everywhere. You never know the next time the spotlight may be on you, and by being knowledgeable in telecom, you can impress the right person, leading to your next big break.

Read a lot and read often to make sure you’re staying informed with the leading telecom industry topics and what your competitors are doing. Create a list of and follow industry blogs, like Navigating the Cloud by Donna Wenk, Broadview’s Senior Vice President of Agent Sales, and news sources like, The Channel Company,to keep track of what topics are trending.

You can even have the content you are looking for delivered right to your inbox by setting up Google Alerts, which collects online articles containing relevant keywords you pre-program it to search for.

2. Make connections

If you’re actively keeping up with the top industry reporters and influencers, the second step is to then try and network with them. If you take notes on what those writers typically focus on, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge when you finally reach out to them to build a relationship. Then, find where you can engage with them, whether it be by commenting on their articles or a directing a tweet on Twitter to them.

Networking with influencers and others is a great way to build a name for yourself and your brand within the industry, but make sure the comments aren’t forced or self-promotional so that you sound authentic and trustworthy.

3. Bring something new or interesting to the industry discussion

You need to make sure you have something to contribute to the conversation or the industry, whether it be information in the form of an article or a product or service that is particularly helpful. Think about what topic you can become the industry expert on. What advice can you provide businesses about saving time and money in their search for a provider? What are your thoughts on the future of business collaboration? Why is it better to have a cloud-based UC system than a premise-based phone system?

Think of your brand as a human persona. The more interesting and genuine its personality is, the more trust others will place in it. Be sure to communicate why your business exists, its ethics, how the brand evolved or anything else that will help people see the complete picture of your business. Don’t be afraid to encourage your customers to share their stories of how your business, service or product has benefited them. A compelling story will give the audience a way to emotionally connect with who you are and ultimately set the tone for the entire company.

4. Identify and target who to reach out to

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with newspapers and business journals in your local community, and spend time researching industry media types later. This list of media will be a great resource to reference and add to in the future. With your target media outlets identified, it’s time to pinpoint exactly who you will pitch your story to. Study the outlets you’ve chosen to pitch to, and look to see if there is a specific person at an outlet you think would respond well to what you’re offering. Most news sites have an employee directory that lists contact information and beats, but you might have to do additional online research to gather information, like Twitter handles. Do be careful to contact the correct person for your story.

5. Create compelling pitches

It’s important to do prep work before making any pitches. Once again, learn as much as you can about who you are pitching to before making contact.

When you’re pitching your brand or product, you need to make sure you remain as objective as possible. Even though you might think everything your business does or provides is notably the best, not everyone will agree.

Remember that the top industry influencers are constantly bombarded with pitches, so yours needs to be creative and, most importantly, personal. This circles back to the first tip: tell your brand’s story. Keep it short and sweet, and make sure if you’re reaching out to anyone over email, your subject line is attention-grabbing and won’t be mistaken for spam.

There may be a point where a larger PR agency could help your company reach new heights. But, with the right attitude and drive for success, you can be reading your own company’s name on the pages of your favorite website.

Natalia Mykijewycz

About Natalia Mykijewycz

Natalia is the Public Relations Specialist at Broadview Networks, a leading cloud unified communications provider in the nation. She helps to share the company’s enthusiasm for providing sophisticated communications technologies with businesses and partners, and is passionate about the growing roles of mobility and flexibility in the workplace, and how collaborative cloud tools help businesses stay competitive in our always-on world.

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