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5 Ways Using Social Media Can Increase Traffic at Your Trade Show Booth

5 Ways Using Social Media Can Increase Traffic at Your Trade Show Booth

If you or your company hasn’t already integrated social media into your trade show and event marketing plans, it’s definitely time to start. Using social media to promote upcoming events can enhance your trade show presence and drive more traffic to your booth.  

Here are 5 ways to use social media to connect with your prospects, customers and peers before your next event. 

1. Create Awareness
A great way to begin is to familiarize yourself with the event and check to see if the trade show has an official hashtag. If they do, it’s important to utilize this in your posts.  Approximately 2-4 weeks before the show, you want to begin letting people know you’re going to be there. Start tweeting using the event’s official hashtag or the Twitter name for the event. If you have your booth number, be sure to include that as well, you want people to be able to find you! A good rule of thumb is to promote your presence at a trade show or conference every other day leading up to the event.

2. Promote Your Products
Many people attend trade shows to learn about new products and roll outs. Wet their whistle by creating a video teaser and posting it on YouTube before the show. Tweets with pictures promoting a new product or service will also entice prospects to stop by your booth for a preview.

3. Invite Your Contacts
People love a personal invitation! Reach out to your LinkedIn and Twitter connections and send them a personal message letting them know about your upcoming event participation and invite them to visit you at your booth.  

4. Encourage RSVPs
Create a landing page for your company website and link your posts to it. This will allow attendees to RSVP for the event, learn more about your organization and view event details, such as booth location and directions.  

5. Create Some Buzz
If your company is sponsoring the event or speaking at the show, be sure to let everyone know ahead of time using social media. If you are having a drawing for a fantastic prize or are providing any giveaways or fun attractions at your booth, be sure to promote that as well!

For more tips on how to integrate social media into your next trade show or event, check out this helpful blog post on the MarketingProf’s website, A guide to Using Social Media at Trade Shows. 

Be sure to check back for future Modern Agent posts and tips on marketing your event “during the trade show” and “after the trade show”. 

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