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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Trade Show Presence

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Trade Show Presence

In our last blog post in this series, 5 Ways Using Social Media Can Increase Traffic at Your Trade Show Booth, we discussed different strategies to draw traffic to your tradeshow booth leading up to the event. In this post, we will discuss ways to engage with the event participants and how to best utilize social media throughout the event to maximize your trade show presence.

So, you’ve got great booth location, the signage is up and your materials are ready to go…now what?

Here are 4 easy ways you can boost the effectiveness of your tradeshow presence using social media.

 1Pre-Schedule Posts
As part of your event prep, be sure to schedule tweets and other social media posts for the day of the event.  Let the public know you will be there and when and where you’ll be speaking if applicable.  Hootsuite is a great resource for pre-scheduling posts for Twitter and other popular social media accounts.

 2. Post Live From Your Booth
A picture paints a thousand words! Showcase your booth and tradeshow presence visually once you’ve arrived. Take several pictures of your booth set up and create social media posts promoting your booth location and attendance at the show so people know where to find you. Take photos with event attendees at your booth throughout the day to highlight the energy surrounding your booth. When prospective customers are using your product or getting a demo, be sure to capture it in action and share widely across your social channels to advertise your product’s popularity.

 3. Promote Giveaways and Increase Your Social Following
People love to win free “stuff” and great prizes will draw attendees to your booth. Consider tying social media to your giveaway instead of collecting business cards.  Encourage booth attendees to follow your company on social media to be entered to win raffle prizes. This is a great way to gain more followers and ensure you will have a direct way to communicate with them in the future.  You can also advertise your booth’s giveaway or contest for those who are not in attendance and channel the entries through your company’s Facebook page.

 4. Obtain Testimonials and Share Them
If you meet an agent or customer who raves about your product, be sure to ask if you can take a video or picture and then share their testimonial and photo on your company’s website, blog and other social media outlets both during and after the show. Testimonials are incredibly powerful marketing tools and are a great content piece to share on social media to improve your company’s reputation. 

Remember, social media is a very effective method for communicating directly with the public. It can be a great advantage to utilize during events, such as trade shows to drive traffic to your booth, but to also represent your company as an industry-leader.  Not only will it help your effectiveness with those in attendance, it can also be a great way to bring the event to those who were unable to attend. Posting photos and videos, as well as recordings of panel discussions on various social media outlets will get your message to those who couldn’t be there and provide your company with valuable social content to share that day and in the future. 

Karen Beckman

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Karen is the Social Media and Community Manager for Broadview Networks, where she enjoys building relationships and online engagement by creating and sharing helpful information through our online community and social media outlets.

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