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The Telephone in the Modern World of Business

The Telephone in the Modern World of Business

Happy National Telephone Day!  As business phone experts, we recognize how much telephone communications has transformed throughout time. If you take a look at our Evolution of the Telephone post from last year, it’s really remarkable to see the progress.

Communication technology has been a key driver in how businesses and consumers live and work.  Broadview is proud to have been on the forefront of the modernization of this essential technology with our 100 percent cloud-based phone system OfficeSuite®, developed more than a decade ago.  OfficeSuite® is a staple in the industry, with its unique ability to address and adapt to the growing mobile needs of its users well before cloud communications was so widely embraced.

Telephone systems today are now comprised of much more than traditional telephony services, especially in the fast-paced world of business. Time is certainly of the essence and telephone systems are now equipped with real-time collaboration tools and the ability to unify locations, employees and devices to meet these growing demands. Complete Unified Communications (UC) solutions like OfficeSuite UC© are taking the business world by storm, encompassing essential features like video conferencing, presence, company-wide chat, integrations with leading CRMs, voicemail transcription, simplified online management and softphones to provide an instantaneous, flexible communications and collaboration experience. 

Many of us can still remember what it was like when we didn’t have the ability to communicate when and where we needed to. With employees spending over two-thirds of their time connecting and collaborating, having a unified, mobile and secure business communications solutions is no longer a luxury, but a must-have.

If you’re looking to embrace the change of the times and move to a telephone system best suited to meet your needs now and in the future, request a demo of our award-winning OfficeSuite UC© solution and see how modernizing your organization's communications will ensure you can meet today's challenges.  

Nicole Yeager

About Nicole Yeager

Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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