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5 Steps to Winning Awards for Your Company

5 Steps to Winning Awards for Your Company

In the first blog post of this series, 5 Reasons Why Entering Awards is Good for Your Business, we discussed the benefits of entering awards. If you’re not yet a player in the awards game, you may be feeling left out and wondering how to get in on the action. In this post, we will focus on how to get started.

Here are 5 steps to winning awards for your company.

1. Research

The first step is to identify specifically what it is you’d like to seek recognition for and then research those award opportunities within your industry. Awards need not necessarily be about your products. Perhaps you want to highlight your company’s customer service, sales team or culture. For instance, a popular award is “Top Places to Work,” which makes an attractive message for your recruitment efforts.

Tip: While conducting your research, be sure to consider submission deadlines, costs and materials needed for submission.

2. Prioritize and Strategize

Once you have compiled your list, prioritize. The submission process can be daunting, so figure out which awards are most in line with the goals of your company. If the award program has categories, determine which categories you want to win in (and what categories are attainable). Look at the winners from previous years’ to help determine whether you’re a good candidate.

Tip: Build yourself an awards calendar that includes the details, due dates, etc. Most contests are an annual occurrence so you can just follow your calendar and add to it as you come across additional opportunities.

3. Be Creative

It’s time to write up your submission. Keep in mind that the award judges review hundreds of similar submissions, and therefore, you’ll need to make yours stand out with creative and concise writing and relevant supporting materials. Remember to focus on what makes your product or company different from your competitors.

Tip: Don’t get so caught up in your submission that you forget to follow directions. You don’t want to be disqualified because you overlooked something.

4. Prepare for What’s Next

Once your submission is sent off, it’s time to start on the next one … or, get back to the work that piled up while you were busy preparing the last submission. As you wait for the results, think about what comes next should you win the award.

Tip: Have a press release ready to go and consider other ways you’ll promote the award in a winning scenario.

5. Learn and Move On

If your submission isn’t selected as a winner, don’t give up. Once the results are announced, take the time to look at the winning entries and evaluate how you compare. Maybe you should have entered into a different category, or perhaps you can take notes from the winning company’s submission. Doing your due diligence will increase your chances of bringing home the win next time.

Tip: Don’t let your submission die. Re-use your work for another award opportunity or repurpose the content in other ways.

Remember, it’s a learning process. The more times you enter, the more you’ll learn and grow. And when you do secure a win, make sure the world knows. Winning awards isn’t just about a trophy; it’s about the bragging rights! For a list of Broadview's awards and accolades, click here.

Christy Bitto

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Christy Bitto is a marketing and communications professional, working for more than sixteen years in the telecom industry. She is the Marketing Project Manager at Broadview Networks, a leading cloud unified communications provider in the nation.

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