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Mobile Workplaces Report Higher Productivity and Engagement Among Employees

 Mobile Workplaces Report Higher Productivity and Engagement Among Employees

The mobile revolution is steadily gaining momentum, with the increased use of smartphones and other popular devices continuing to transform how we communicate and work.  Working outside of the office has become more than just a convenience, but rather a powerful business strategy.  Beyond the increase in productivity derived from the ability to work from anywhere, at anytime, it’s been reported that employee engagement is considerably higher in mobile workplaces as well.

We all know that productivity is higher when employees are engaged and happy. But, who knew that mobility was a key driver?  A recent global study by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), revealed a direct link between mobile work environments and an increase in employee engagement and other key areas.  The study found that mobile enablement resulted in a 16 percent boost in productivity, as well as an 18 percent increase in creativity, a 23 percent increase in satisfaction and a 21 percent increase in employee loyalty.

This correlation doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Employees who have the ability to work from anywhere effectively can get more done. Less time is spent commuting, the number days off needed for appointments, conferences, traveling and inclimate weather decreases, and more work gets done on the road and after hours, resulting in higher productivity and a better work-life balance.

With vacation season in full swing, the kids getting out of school, and many businesses and industries reaching their peak busy season, effective communications and collaboration outside of the office is in even greater demand.

Thanks to cloud-based communications solutions and features that enable workplace productivity and collaboration beyond your office walls, keeping employees connected, productive and engaged has never been easier.

Here are some of the most in-demand mobile features transforming workplaces today.

Mobile Twinning
This highly coveted feature is a life saver for employees who are frequently in and out of the office. It allows for spontaneous mobility, enabling a second phone number, like a mobile phone, to be designated to ring simultaneously and twin business calls that ring a deskphone, ensuring calls are never missed regardless of one’s location.  

For anyone who works on the road or remotely, softphones are critical. Available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC’s, softphones turn a designated device into your business phone. Utilizing your company’s minutes and individual extension, voicemail and contacts, calls remain professional no matter what device is used.

Hot Desking
Mobility among workplaces and multiple locations is just as crucial for productivity. For businesses where employees need to share desks or conference rooms, hot desking enables business phones to be shared interchangeably. Users can login to any phone at any location and their contacts, voicemail, settings and personal extension becomes activated, saving on equipment and enabling the flexibility to work efficiently from wherever needed.

Video Conferencing
Video and virtual meetings have become the meeting method of choice for many organizations. With the ability to meet face-to-face at anytime, from any device, meetings that would not otherwise be possible, can now include more participants without the barriers of location or room capacity. Through screen-share and live chat capabilities, mobile and local employees and clients can engage in more interactive, impromptu and productive meetings.

Visual Voicemail
Voicemail is very much alive in the business world, but has gotten a much-needed facelift for mobile workers. Voicemails can now be delivered via email, retrieved online through a secure online portal or better yet, transcribed so you never even need to listen to them at all.  These advanced voicemail options ensure missed calls are returned promptly no matter where employees are. 

By integrating mobility into the workplace, businesses are not only reaping the benefits of a more productive workforce, but one that is more loyal and engaged, providing the foundation and culture for long-term success. 

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Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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