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Out of Office Best Practices for Peak Vacation Season

Out of Office Best Practices for Peak Vacation Season

It’s vacation season, did you remember to put your Out of Office message up?  I’m not talking your standard: "I’m out of the office, so we’ll talk when I’m back." I’m talking about an informative and effective message that includes who your customers can reach out to in your absence in an effort to provide the best customer service possible.   Sure, you can do the bare minimum and say this:

Hello. I’m out of the office today and will be returning tomorrow morning.  No access to phone or email.

Good Luck,


But, does that really sound effective?  What if a customer has an emergency that could shut down their business revenue for the day?  And, when the above mentions “today” is that Monday or Tuesday? Who knows when they are buried in emails. 

Be sure to include the actual dates. Try a detailed message, including dates and emergency contact information.  WAIT!  Before you use your colleague’s information, verify with them first before they get blindsided and will never volunteer for you again.

Hello, I'm currently out of the office from Wednesday, June 28th till Sunday, July 2nd. I’ll be back in the office on Monday, July 3rd to continue our mission of solving world peace.

My access to email may be limited, so please expect a delayed response. If there’s an emergency, please reach out to one of the following individuals:

For X: Sally Sells | | 888.555.6666

For Y: Joe Dirt | | 777.444.3333

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,


Lastly, we all are busy throughout the day and get out of office messages from people-especially during summer vacation months.  

Don’t be afraid to add some humor to your message (see above re: world peace) but still focus on providing all the necessary details.  Above all else, enjoy your time away from your desk.  

Happy Summer time!

Brittany Fuller

About Brittany Fuller

Brittany is the National Channel Director for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream where she employs a unique, out of the box, perspective to develop bold new go-to-market strategies and relationships with partners. 

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