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OfficeSuite UC® is Now Available with Windstream SD-WAN

OfficeSuite UC® is Now Available with Windstream SD-WAN

We are pleased to announce that our award-winning, 100% cloud-based unified communications solution, OfficeSuite UC® has been further enhanced by the addition of Windstream’s dynamic and cost-effective SD-WAN service.

Windstream completed the acquisition of Broadview Networks on July 28, 2017. This exciting merger not only combines our two organizations, but brings together the combination of the most advanced cloud and network communications and technology solutions available.

This is an exiting time to be one of our agents! Your existing and new customers can now take advantage of OfficeSuite UC® with Windstream’s advanced SD-WAN solution. This well-suited combination ensures performance and quality of voice, video, and critical business applications quickly and in real-time, enabling customers with visibility, control, and access to prioritize applications to improve quality.

Communications that transform businesses and their network

OfficeSuite UC®, paired with Windstream’s SD-WAN solution, provides businesses a powerful, yet easy-to-use UCaaS experience that integrates phone, fax, chat, presence, video, audio and web conferencing and mobile tools into one secure, easy to use system with Windstream’s SD-WAN solution.

While traditional WAN technology has served as the foundation for voice and data networking infrastructure, high instances of downtime and latency, coupled with the high costs of adding locations are causing companies to reevaluate their WAN options. With the increasing reliance on cloud-based applications and services, there is a growing need for software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) that are better equipped to support this real-time traffic.

Windstream’s Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a business-aware cloud network designed to prioritize real-time business communications services and optimize application performance. By freeing up the bandwidth on the connections your customers already pay for, they experience better voice quality, more reliable connections and better performing applications, without the need to purchase more bandwidth or invest in a private network.

The best part is, Windstream’s SD-WAN Concierge service™ is a fully managed service and it is included. Our experts design and build a solution that is optimized to meet your customer's unique needs and provide ongoing, proactive alerts and recommendations about the performance of their applications and bandwidth usage so they can maximize the ROI on their network investment and deliver the best customer experience possible. 

Provide UCaaS at its best! Learn more about our OfficeSuite UC® with Windstream SD-WAN!

Nicole Yeager

About Nicole Yeager

Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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