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Best Practices for Sharing Content via LinkedIn

Best Practices for Sharing Content via LinkedIn

Content sharing is an important marketing strategy that when well executed, can be an effective way to obtain new leads, boost sales, grow your network and increase brand awareness.  Business customers, after all, are looking to be educated on business-related topics, trends and where they should be investing, especially when it pertains to the latest technology.

Whether you are writing your own content, or you come across an article that is well done, be sure that you are sharing content that is relevant to your professional expertise, industry and target audience. The content that you share should position you as a thought leader, demonstrate your value and be something that your customers and prospects will find helpful and insightful.

Once you have the content you’d like to share identified, the next step is to determine the best avenue for sharing. LinkedIn is a highly effective business networking tool that provides many opportunities for professionals, especially those in sales. It is a great platform to share content both to the masses and individuals. 

There are several ways to share content on LinkedIn. Almost every online article or blog post has social sharing buttons which make it easy to share via your own profile.

Here are three ways to share content via your LinkedIn profile.

1. Sharing content as a status update

Sharing articles and updates with your entire audience is always a great option for topics and content that appeals to a broader audience. This approach is the go-to for sharing articles, awards received and other important company updates that will help to elevate your brand.  Similar to other social channels, these updates should be brief; no more than 120 characters and incorporate hashtags where appropriate. Data has also shown that phrasing your posts as questions performs better than general statements do.

2. Share content to groups

Being a member of groups on LinkedIn is a great way to deepen connections with peers, industry influencers, prospects and others who share the same interests. Sharing quality content that will resonate with your LinkedIn groups is another way to engage with contacts, showcase your industry knowledge and increase brand awareness.  When sharing in this format, it’s important to be selective on what you share and to not share too often or bombard other group members.  Share only the best content pieces that are best aligned with the specific group and your goals, industry and product offering.

3.Share content with individuals

A huge advantage of LinkedIn is having the ability to direct message or essentially email any of your connections and sometimes, even those you are not yet connected with depending on their profile settings.  Sharing content directly to individual contacts offers a personal way to reach out, as well as lets your contacts know you are here to help. So, be sure to share content that they will find value in. The key to this type of sharing is to take the time to personalize the message with the individual’s name and explain why you are sharing the specific content piece and how it may relate back to your expertise or product offering. 

Content sharing via LinkedIn is just like making a sales call in the virtual world. Be sure to measure the effectiveness and follow up with contacts that like and comment on your content. Sharing content is a great conversation starter and an easy way to grow your network.

 For more information on these content sharing practices, check out this video!

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