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How UCaaS Solutions Help Businesses Avoid Disasters

How UCaaS Solutions Help Businesses Avoid Disasters

With all of the recent hurricane devastation, disaster preparedness is certainly on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Many have plans for protecting their home, however, the crucial step of protecting their business is often an afterthought. There is a real opportunity as agents to educate your customers and prospects on how they can prepare their business for the unexpected.

We are fortunate to live in a time where most businesses can rely on technology, most notably, UCaaS solutions that will keep their business operational, should their physical place of business be inaccessible, especially for an extended period of time.

Regardless of the scale of a disaster, the fallout from a disaster-related outage can result in missed transactions, lost sales, and dissatisfied customers, which can sometimes be more detrimental to the business than the disaster itself.  

Here are some key UCaaS benefits to highlight to your customers and prospects where business continuity is paramount to success.

It’s all secured in the cloud

Keeping calls flowing between customers and employees is the number one priority in helping business recover after a disruption. When businesses utilize the advanced technology of UCaaS solutions like OfficeSuite UC® which is 100 percent cloud-based, no data is ever stored on-site where it can be impacted by a disastrous event. With every employee’s contacts, call history, greetings and voicemails all stored in the cloud, communicating off-site is not only possible, but both secure and hassle-free.

Calls, chats, meetings and faxes from any device

More to the point of communicating off-site, is the ability to have access to their mission-critical business communications services from anywhere, such as: calling, video, audio and web conferencing, faxing, company-wide chat, CRM Integrations and advanced calling features. With a UCaaS solution, these services are all unified into one system, where the entire brains of the system are secured in the cloud and accessible via a secure, user-friendly online portal.

Unique applications like softphones offer a cost-effective way to enable mobility and disaster avoidance across an entire organization. Softphones can be completely integrated into the UCaaS system, offering employees full office phone functionality to make and receive calls through any internet-connected PC, MAC, or mobile device, utilizing their same extension, calling plan, contacts, settings and features. Keeping calls not only intact, but professional.

Changes from anywhere, anytime

With the brains of the system hosted in the cloud, businesses and their employees can not only easily access the features they need the most, but make real-time changes on the fly without ever stepping foot in an office or needing technical assistance.  From routing calls to other phone numbers, to updating greetings to inform customers of closures, checking voicemail, sending a fax, or meeting face-to-face via video conference, everything can be accessed and updated in seconds.

Reliability without the high costs

Reliability and call quality are crucial to every business and is something that many businesses combat daily. Then, couple that with some bad weather or a major disaster and things just multiply.  Previously, businesses would need to invest in a private network to get the reliability they require- until now.  OfficeSuite UC® has recently been paired with Windstream’s advanced SD-WAN solution to deliver maximum uptime and high quality voice and video services. This powerful combination unifies calls, messages, chats and meetings 100 percent in the cloud and prioritizes and optimizes these mission-critical services to ensure superior quality and reliability, regardless of the connection type, access point, or carrier.  Your customers now avoid downtime and dropped calls with our fully managed and optimized SD-WAN service that is perfectly paired with OfficeSuite UC®. The combined solution of OfficeSuite UC® with SD-WAN delivers error-free voice and video with up to 100% SLAs on SD-WAN connectivity and business-class QoS guarantees. Additionally, Windstream’s SD-WAN service frees up your customer’s existing bandwidth to ensure call quality and allows customers to deploy a complete voice and collaboration solution with active/active connectivity to assure the highest level of quality and availability, as well as seamless failover to ensure continuity. This is a must-have service for any business looking to avoid disasters. 

Whether hurricane season, a snow storm or just everyday events, your customers and prospects are in need of the flexibility and reassurance that their business will not suffer during unanticipated events.  This is the perfect time to remind them how vital it is to keep the lines of communications open and how UCaaS solutions like OfficeSuite UC® and the added reliability of OfficeSuite UC® with SD-WAN will ensure they are prepared for any disaster or event! 

Nicole Yeager

About Nicole Yeager

Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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