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Sell More, Retain Customers and Save Time with the OfficeSuite® Community

Sell More, Retain Customers and Save Time with the OfficeSuite® Community

Looking to save time, become more informed about the products you are selling, boost sales and keep your customer’s happy? Then, look no further than the OfficeSuite® Community! This valuable online resource provides agents and customers with access to everything you need to know about OfficeSuite®.  

 If you are not already a member of the OfficeSuite® Community, do yourself a favor and join! OfficeSuite’s interactive online community is the ideal place to get quick answers to questions that you or your customer may have regarding OfficeSuite® features and services. Once you are a member, you can freely access answers to a myriad of questions or post your own questions, comments and ideas for consideration.  Our team of experts interact directly with our members to ensure you always get the help you need.  Members also receive updates on topics they've “liked” so you can stay up to date on any new developments as they are posted.

 The best part is, it's an interactive resource that is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Not only, will it help you, but your customers will also appreciate this always-available resource!

 How does the Community help you earn more?

  • Members can use the OfficeSuite® Community to get answers to common questions, giving them the tools to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, while minimizing time on the phone with Customer Care or requiring agents  to troubleshoot issues for customers. Less time resolving issues means you have more time to concentrate on sales!
  • Step by step instructions with diagrams and how-to videos are detailed and easy to follow.  Resolving issues quickly with readily available solutions creates a better customer experience and increases customer satisfaction. And, satisfied customers generate more reoccurring and long-term revenue!
  • It’s a great selling point! Your customers want to know they will be fully supported when they invest in and migrate to new technology solutions. When your prospects know that all of their employees can all tap into this amazing resource with any questions they have, they will be more inclined to close the deal with you!

   Who responds to questions?

The OfficeSuite® Community is comprised of a team of OfficeSuite® experts who know everything there is to know about the OfficeSuite® suite of products and services. From software engineers, technicians, customer care, to marketing and sales representatives. We enlist knowledge from every department to ensure our members get the best direction and resolution.  

 In addition to our OfficeSuite® experts, the Community is a completely interactive platform that allows members to engage with one another. Members can communicate and share insight, best practices and tips based on shared experiences.

 What kind of information will I find?

Aside from questions and posts made by members, it’s a great way to stay informed about product updates, new feature releases and helpful information about using specific features and services.

 Sample posts include:

  How do I join?

Joining takes seconds! Just go to, create a profile, log in and you can instantly access a wealth of information.

The OfficeSuite® Community is another resource we provide to help you manage your business effectively. Having the answers to some of the most common questions frees up your time, helps provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and lets you concentrate on sales.

Be sure to take advantage of all that the community has to offer. And, encourage your customers and their employees to join as well.

Visit the OfficeSuite® Community page today to get started!

Carmen Blanc

About Carmen Blanc

Carmen is the Community Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream where she enjoys building relationships and online engagement by creating and sharing helpful information through our online community.

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