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The New Network: Keeping Pace with the Dynamic Business Climate

The New Network: Keeping Pace with the Dynamic Business Climate

Today, information is shared and transferred in an instant; forcing businesses to adapt to a new standard of communication. With a greater reliance on mobile devices and increased global collaboration between employees, the days of storing data within a private data center are long gone. Because of the need to accommodate more network-intensive cloud applications and collaboration services, businesses are utilizing a new network concept that allows them to connect and operate in unison.

To keep pace with today’s rapidly changing business climate, business networks today need to be flexible, efficient, and accessible. Organizations with networks that are not up to par will need to take action and improve upon three major areas in order to meet the demands of their customers and employees going forward.

Constant Information Sharing

Due to the speed and frequency at which information is shared, enterprise computing is making a transformational shift to the cloud where the network is a key component. The amount of digital information created and shared globally has grown nine times in the last five years to nearly 2 zettabytes. As a result, businesses require the flexibility to use whatever LAN best fit their needs, based on bandwidth, availability and cost. They are no longer limited to MPLS and dedicated circuits, as they can utilize broadband internet without compromising reliability. Businesses now have the freedom to choose the WAN architecture that works best for them, whether it’s an on-premises network, virtual network, cloud, or a combination. Deeper intelligence is also required for real-time visibility into network and application performance. As a result, businesses are turning to fully managed SD-WAN network services, which optimize cloud application performance and reliability to meet the rising customer expectations in our always-on world. SD-WAN works effectively and efficiently across all different architectures. When it’s delivered as a managed service, it maximizes an organization’s return on investment while minimizing complexity, which is why it is quickly becoming the ideal choice for organizations that are looking to leverage their network investments to the fullest.

Global Communication

More than 1.2 billion people worldwide use the web via a mobile source and the number will reach 5 billion in the next couple years. Therefore, voice communications, video conferencing, crunching data, and updating documents must remain reliable and efficient on the go. Instant communication is now vital to compete in any industry. However, these real-time services can present unique performance/QoS challenges which have caused some organizations to hang onto their obsolete phone systems. Fortunately, SD-WAN works on top of unified communications systems to ensure concerns over latency, jitter, and packet loss are a thing of the past. SD-WAN  increases network capacity and provides the bandwidth required to accommodate application expansions. Unplanned outages are inevitable, but with SD-WAN, if an individual link experiences issues, application traffic keeps flowing across other paths in the WAN, ensuring real-time applications like video meetings and voice calls remain prioritized and unaffected.

The Web of Connectivity

With geographically dispersed employees and third parties expecting constant communication to complete tasks, businesses need efficient network connectivity in place. To ensure success within the dispersed workforce, mission-critical applications must deliver the same performance as the on-site service they’re replacing. In turn, the network that connects them must be secure and efficient.

Therefore, businesses today are seeking easy to manage, flawless communications solutions that maximize employee productivity and enhance the customer experience. OfficeSuite UC with SD-WAN is a one-of-a-kind solution for optimizing network performance. Its 100-percent cloud-based unified communications and collaboration system paired with reliable and fully managed SD-WAN service, is ideal for businesses that are looking to maintain quality communications and business continuity.

It’s clear to see that the business climate is ever-changing and the IT infrastructure needs to evolve in order to keep up. Businesses are realizing the importance of SD-WAN solutions with a notable 70 percent growth in demand for SD-WAN in 2017. 

Learn more about what makes our UCaaS with SD-WAN solution so unique and how it can ensure your organization keeps pace with today’s dynamic business climate.

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Nicole is the Marketing Manager for Broadview Networks, now part of Windstream, where she enjoys marketing the latest technologies businesses can leverage to maximize productivity, improve security and reduce costs.

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