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2017: Out with Maturing Technologies and In with New Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud And Buildings

TechZone360 (TMCnet) by Donna Wenk

As the year begins to wind down, it is time to examine where opportunity lies for the telecom channel in the upcoming year. The 2017 Spiceworks State of IT report predicts that worldwide spending on hardware and software projects will both decrease by two percentage points while budget allocations going towards hosted/cloud-based services will increase by three percentage points. This should come as no surprise as we watch the continual rise of the virtual organization, increasing mobility of the workforce and escalation of bring your own device (BYOD), which encourages more and more organizations to turn to the cloud for the more ubiquitous and cost-effective connectivity they desire.

The growing awareness of cloud benefits will eventually prompt the sales of premise-based solutions to end. Below are just a few tips for partners who are looking towards the future, and are ready to present cloud phone systems as a viable option for their clients, placing them and their clients on the path to financial success for years to come.

Understand the benefits of the cloud

By recognizing the benefits that cloud services provide, partners have the ability to more easily solve current and growing customer problems, such as maturing technologies and resource constraints that come with premise-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions provide greater flexibility than premises-based solutions as features and functionality can be more easily adjusted based on shifting demand of the workforce, including the growing focus on enabling team collaboration.

Simply put, the cloud is third-party, off-site storage and processing of data, in secure locations called “data centers” that allow businesses to avoid the hefty, continuing capital costs of building and updating their own storage and processing capabilities. Instead, businesses can purchase, as a service, their data storage and processing, from a cloud provider, avoiding those capital costs and ensuring access to the latest storage and software upgrades.

Unlike legacy technologies, the cloud enables the use of all Web-based tools and applications, from smartphone apps to business basics, such as videoconferencing, and allows IT staff and end-users alike to change their personal settings, monitor usage and personalize their tools through flexible Web portals that work across multiple devices.

Offer customers intuitive solutions

Invest in tomorrow by builidng strong client relationships today

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