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3 Reasons Why Moving to the Cloud All at Once is Better than a Phased Migration

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B2B News Network by Stephen Farkouh

Many B2Bs are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing communications solutions management to a third party, and considering switching from legacy premises systems to cloud unified communications (UC) as the basis for their communications infrastructure strategy. According to Frost and Sullivan, primary drivers for adoption of hosted communications remain faster access to advanced features and capabilities and ability to supplement limited in-house IT staff. However, the rapidly evolving market has become inundated with multiple providers offering similar capabilities that are constantly being developed making it difficult for business IT decision makers to quickly and easily identify the best fit for their organization. This rapid market evolution is causing many businesses to adopt a wait-and-see approach or a phased migration to the cloud as they wait for technologies and business models to mature, rather than move entirely to a UC solution.

Below are just three reasons why businesses that have been reluctant to commit to a pure cloud approach should consider moving 100% to the cloud.

Reduced risk of technology obsolescence and sunk costs

Simplified communications for end-users

Avoided security threats

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