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3 Technology Features B2B Businesses Need to Keep Client Service Strong During Disasters and Disruptions


B2B News Network by Jeff Blackey

Let’s face it – disasters happen. And when disasters happen, businesses can suffer financial loss so significant that some never reopen. The average business loses an astonishing $5,000 per hour when they are down! According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25 percent of businesses never reopen following a major disaster.

While the big storms, freak fires and flooding events are top concerns for most, business leaders know that, in reality, smaller “disasters” have a greater chance of impacting our daily lives and operations. Small, man-made disasters like spilled coffee and stolen phones are the types we all need to prepare for as they are almost certain to occur. Cloud-based phone systems minimize the impact a disaster has on an organization the same way remote data backup does. With most cloud-based phone systems, the phones are in your office, but the intelligence of the service is secure in the cloud, so no matter where employees are, they can use the system.

When selecting a cloud-based phone system, consider these three must-have communication features and how they can help keep client service strong during man-made or natural disasters and disruptions:

Auto attendants


Voicemail transcription

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