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3 Technology Tips for Managing Remote Employees

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BenefitsPro by Jeff Blackey

As technology evolves and the workforce grows increasingly flexible and mobile, more workers are expressing a strong desire to telecommute.  A recent report from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the average worker would take an eight percent pay cut in order to work from home. For some, that number is as high as 21 percent.

As the trend of remote employment continues to build momentum, businesses must grapple with the security threats and technological inefficiencies of employees working from remote locations across different devices and systems. HR leaders are at the center of this and must work with IT to keep employees under one roof from a technological standpoint, leveraging unified communications to manage and equip remote employees in this changing landscape. Following are three tips businesses should consider as they prepare for an increasingly remote workforce.

Don’t lose face-to-face interactions

Streamline communication with the right technology solutions

Leverage the cloud to reduce costs and quickly scale

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