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3 Tips Before Transitioning to Cloud-Based Unified Communications

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Telecom Ramblings by Jeff Blackey

Cloud-based unified communications solutions continue to grow, with market penetration on track to increase six times by 2020. This growth trajectory makes sense, as the combination of UC and cloud is a powerful one, major benefits including scalability, continuity and ease of use. The ROI of UC is well proven and continues to shift the industry in that direction. In fact, 79 percent of companies that analyzed ROI following their UC installation met or exceeded goals – and cloud-based solutions are still more cost effective.

However, data shows that 26 percent of IT decision makers and 39 percent of business decision makers report feeling at least somewhat fearful about making the transition, despite their expectation of significant benefits. To address these concerns, businesses should follow the below steps to ensure a smooth transition to cloud-based UC.

Prioritize usability and user centricity

Prepare for the unexpected

Consider long-term cost

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