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4 Ways to Use a Cloud UC Solution to Better Manage & Connect Staff in Peak Seasons


B2B News Network By Jeff Blackey

According to the US Department of Labor, there are more than seven million businesses nationwide that employ approximately 135 million part-time and seasonal workers. Communications with customers in any business is critically important, especially during summer, when for many businesses interaction with customers is at all time high. Training can be a challenge at peak season, especially with a large influx of new employees. Therefore, having a communications solution that is cost effective and easy-to-use and manage is a top priority. Fortunately, cloud-based unified communications (UC) systems fit the bill and offer many benefits to businesses that employ seasonal and part-time workers.

Here are just four benefits a UC solution offersto improve staff management and connectivity for seasonal businesses.

Scalability to easily ramp up for the season

Hot desking to promote greater efficiency

User profiles customized for the best capabilities

Programmable buttons and intercom for practical communications

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