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Schools and Municipalities Cut Costs During Budget Woes by Switching to UC

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MSP Today By Donna Wenk

Budgeting issues, outdated systems, natural disasters—all are challenges that school systems and municipalities around the country face. Connecticut is no different. The recent budget crisis has left local schools and cities around the state without the needed funding to invest in new technologies, rendering them vulnerable to common emergency situations and adding costs.

And though natural disasters aren't new, the east coast has been slammed with devastating storms in recent years. This activity has brought to light for Connecticut municipalities that their old models of communication are making them susceptible to full communications blackouts, isolating smaller institutions especially. Many public school systems, for instance, don't have the needed staff to maintain outdated systems or suppor the number of devices a modern education system requires.

Seeing first hand that older legacy systems were no longer practical to support, Connecticut decision makers soon realized that upgrades would be necessary. These circumstances present managed services providers (MSPs) with an opportunity to provide needed support.

Digital Back Office, a Connecticut-based MSP and leader in cloud services, offered a two-step solution to local municipalities and public schools:

  • Deliver a private dedicated network
  • Provide a VoIP solution that is 100 percent cloud-based

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