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UCaaS: Perfect Storm, Imperfect Floods


CHANNELNOMIC$ By Scharon Harding

UCaaS is in the midst of what one channel player calls a perfect storm, with just the conditions to incur market demand. But the problem with storms is they can bring floods, and when it comes to UCaaS, there is a flooding in the market space.

Mike Emanuelo, founder and managing director at Kennesaw, GA-based business technology consulting firm Cynergy Telecom, says the technology is now becoming acceptable in the market, whereas five years ago it was a "very difficult" sale. "It's now becoming part of every bid," he tells Channelnomics. "It's not hard to have that conversation. People aren't looking at us like we have three heads now. They're more open to it now because it's market acceptable."

Meanwhile, Vic Levinson, president at Chicago, IL-based communications technology consultant Prime Telecommunications, agrees that market conditions are perfect for UCaaS adoption. "Now it's a perfect storm because the elements of that storm - the economy, economies of scale of the hosted environment - began to change. All of a sudden, corporations began realizing CapEx is a bad idea, and OpEx is a good idea," he tells Channelnomics.

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