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UCaaS: Sales Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Channel Partners by Edward Gately

The global unified communications (UC) market will reach $143 billion by 2024, says Grand View Research.

The explosive growth is being driven by international expansion, and an increasing need for real-time and efficient communication systems that enhance the inter-organizational exchange of information. Partners need to be ready to seize this revenue-generating opportunity.

During this Channel Partners Conference & Expo concurrent education session titled “UCaaS: Sales Boot Camp," moderator Joel Maloff, course developer at The SIP School, and panelists Shelby Cooper, West Unified Communications Services’ vice president of wholesale sales and support, Brian Crotty, Broadview Networks’ COO, and William Rubio, CallTower’s chief revenue officer, will tell partners how they can prosper selling UCaaS.

In a Q&A with Channel Partners, they provide a sneak peak of the information they’ll share with partners.

Channel Partners: Are customers' UCaaS needs changing? What are some of the latest trends?

Broadview's Brian Crotty

Brian Crotty: Customer needs are always changing and UCaaS providers have to keep pace. We have seen a few trends that are defining our development cycle.

The first is an increase in knowledge about and demand for a secure platform. While most agents understand that systems hosted in the cloud are less vulnerable to local disasters, thefts and hacks, most do not realize calls and messages should be encrypted when carried over the Internet.

Customers are also seeking platforms that have APIs, plug-ins and integrations available for CRM and other business applications. Businesses want to see the big data and statistics that go as deep as which sales representative made the most calls on a certain day.

Additionally, end users want to have more control over the entire UC platform and be able to easily make changes on the fly themselves, without having to involve others or place a service order like they did in the past. Another trend is the growing need for UC to support and enable true mobility so that employees can communicate and collaborate regardless of their location or device.

Go here to read more from Broadview's COO, Brian Crotty, on how agents can prosper selling UCaaS.

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