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Why UCaaS Supports the Modern B2B Employee Better than Traditional Business Phone Systems

Aunified Communications

B2B News Network by Jeff Blackey

Today’s workforce is forever changed by technology, which is reflected in a new way of communicating. People spend their days in multitasking mode, whether at home, work or anywhere in between, and are in constant contact via mobile devices and the countless applications that accompany them. B2B employees, especially millennials who are rapidly entering the workforce, have become accustomed to the quickly evolving modern communications and collaboration tools, and are expecting them from their employers as well.

Many B2B businesses have a premise-based business phone system in place that’s sole purpose is the management of voice applications. This creates fragmentation of applications employees use for every day forms of communications, such as email, voicemail and chat. B2B businesses should consider moving to cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS), which continues to evolve and adapt to the workforce’s new way of communicating. UCaaS connects voice, video, email, chat and other business communication tools through intuitive user interfaces and software integrations. The best of these systems are created around the end user and provide a consistent experience across multiple devices so that the way they communicate in their professional lives mimics the functionality they are used to in their personal lives.

An UCaaS platform can offer the B2B workplace quality mobile-supported business communications tools that allow for the following:

Instant Communications

Flexible Mobility

Increased Productivity

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