Digital Voice Lines

Broadview's Digital Voice Line service includes 13 features specifically chosen to address your business needs. The included features are:

  • Hunting*
  • Call Waiting (per line)*
  • Three-Way Calling (per line)
  • Call Forwarding (per line)
  • Speed Dial for 8 Numbers (per line)
  • Speed Dial for 30 Numbers (per line)
  • Repeat Dial (per use)
  • Call Return (per use)

  • Call Trace (per use)
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Caller ID Deluxe (per line)
  • Call Waiting ID Deluxe (per line)*
  • Voice Mail (per mailbox)

*Hunting and Call Waiting features are incompatible with each other.

Feature set-up and use instructions are available to you. 
You can download the instructions for these features.