Gain flexibility and move freely within the office with our cordless phone options.

Cordless Desk Phones & Cordless Handsets

  • Increase mobility, mix and match our cordless handset and cordless desk phone as needed
  • Perfect for installations where Ethernet cabling is too expensive or unavailable
  • Can be used within 150 feet of the cordless base, each base supports up to six cordless phones of either variety
  • No wires!
  • No jacks!
  • Phone-to-Phone Intercom
  • Caller ID and Hold
  • 3-Way Conferencing

Cordless desk phone has all these features plus:

  • Extension dialing
  • Full duplex speaker phone
  • Do not disturb
  • VIP ringtones
  • Call conferencing
  • Caller ID with name

Wireless and Wired Headsets and Accessories for OfficeSuite UC Phones

Maximize your OfficeSuite UC cloud-based phone system by adding headsets, wireless headsets and other items that personalize your experience. Enable employees to work hands-free or even roam around the office yet stay connected so they never miss a call.

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