Why a 100% Cloud Phone System Matters

As the demand for mobility and flexibility increases, businesses require a cloud phone that meets their ever-changing needs. The degree to which solutions are cloud-based is key to the level of mobility and security a provider can deliver. OfficeSuite UC™ is a 100 percent cloud-based unified communications solution, offering unmatched security, mobility and control for your office phone system.

More than a decade ago, Broadview built its own unique platform to improve how users access and utilize their critical communications services. By securing the entire Intelligence of the system: servers, user profiles and call history in the cloud, we have been able to develop the most secure and flexible cloud based business phone available.

Cloud Phone Systems - Broadview Networks 

Highest Security

Your cloud based business phone is immune to on-site hackers or threats; nothing critical is ever vulnerable. 

Stay productive with cloud-based phone systems 

Optimal Productivity

With internet phone systems, employees can easily and securely manage everything from anywhere.

The Most Secure Cloud Based Phone Systems

By securing your entire internet phone system in the cloud, your communications, data, features and services are never accessible to hackers, and you are no longer vulnerable to crippling DDoS attacks. Storing critical data on-site increases the chances of a security breach; your mission-critical communications are more secure and can be properly protected when stored 100% in the cloud. 

Some virtual phone number providers, like vovox, simply provide cheap ways to make calls through VoIP; when you switch to cloud pbx for small business with Broadview, your voice calls, messages, and faxes are encrypted end-to-end.

Cloud PBX Ensures the Highest Level of Productivity 

Manage everything, everywhere—your employees can now enjoy conferencing in the office via virtual pbx, a hotel room on a business trip, or at home on a snow day. Cloud based phone systems are your portal to productivity anywhere. Better yet, OfficeSuite UC© provides an easy way to integrate all of your business apps, like Skype for Business (by Microsoft), Google and Salesforce, into one interface.

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How We Accomplish This: Creating the Best Cloud Phone

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Unlike other cloud based business phone systems, we utilize a unique technology platform and SilNet, instead of SIP or open source technologies. Most providers rely on SIP, where the intelligence of the system lives in the phone, supporting the equipment, rather than the user and severely limiting its security, functionality, mobility and accessibility. 

Broadview’s SilNet solution transports data under government-level encryption so competitors and hackers can't steal important communications information from your phone calls. Unify your internal and outbound communications with hosted pbx and cloud technology.

Secure, User-Centric Technology 

cloud phone system with unified communicationsBy exclusively leveraging cloud technology for storage and computing power, our services are more secure and accessible than other cloud pbx solutions.

  • Calls are encrypted from the handset into our secure network and data is secured exclusively in the cloud, never on a device.
  • We own the code and maintain complete control over the delivery, design and functionality of our system, ensuring it’s incredibly easy-to-use.
  • We empower all users with control and access to all of the system’s features, drastically improving productivity company-wide.
  • We continuously apply the latest technologies to deliver rapid, ongoing enhancements to the user experience. 

The Heart of our Cloud Phone System: MyOfficeSuite

broadview's cloud phone system

Through our unique technology, we have developed the most intuitive, online customer portal in the industry, MyOfficeSuite, which centralizes all of your communications services into a single, secure website that is accessible from anywhere. 

With MyOfficeSuite, administrators can maintain complete control and increase productivity by creating user profiles that allow employees to self-manage the features they want. 

The MyOfficeSuite portal makes it so easy for employees to control any of the internet phone system features that no IT support is required. From programming buttons and forwarding calls, to checking voicemail, sending a fax and launching video meetings, everything is incredibly intuitive, allowing users to make updates independently and IT staff to focus on larger company initiatives. 

More Flexible, Efficient Ways to Work

cloud-based phone system that works on iPhone and AndroidThe best mobilized business communications keep critical operations secured in the cloud; new, more efficient and secure ways to work are therefore enabled. Your employees remain connected and productive from any device, anywhere, ensuring business takes place when and where you need it to.  

Utilize your cloud phone to give employees more remote work days, to remain operational during severe weather, and to support collaboration among staff. 

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