• Built-in HD video conferencing – See the people you are talking to in real time.
  • Real-time collaboration – Work on documents with your team members in real time. 
  • Share what you want – Share one application or your whole desktop with a single click. No need to “pass controls” to share documents as required with other applications. 
  • Flexible audio access – Connect using any computer, iOS or Android™ device or phone. 
  • Calendar integration – Instantly create new meetings in Outlook and Google Calendar. 
  • Quick launcher – Start, join and invite people right from your desktop. 
  • Audio control – Control conference audio via the phone keypad or meeting interface. 
  • Automated reminders – Be notified via email when guests have arrived and you have not. 
  • Easy recording – One click recording saves audio or complete video for uploading or archiving. 
  • Integrated chat – Message the group or chat with individual participants. 
  • Request or Give Remote Control – Control the host or a participant’s screen from your desktop. 
  • Secure – Enable end-to-end encryption with AES-256 bit session encryption. 
  • Total control – Mute all or any participants, lock the meeting from more entries or even turn off video. 
  • Host transfer – Easily transfer host controls to any participant via the screen-sharing controls. 
  • Annotation – Write on top of any shared screen with easy-to-use whiteboard features. 
  • Personalize – Create your own meeting room ID for instant or future meetings. 
  • Mobile dial-in – Your mobile device will dial you into the call automatically. 
  • Maximize participants – Guests can use their phone and computer to join a meeting without taking up two spaces. 
  • Apps- Launch, join and schedule meetings quickly on any mobile device. 
  • Remote Support – Initiate support sessions by requesting desktop control, application control or a computer restart.
  • Breakout Rooms - Split up to 50 participants into separate sessions automatically or manually and switch between sessions at any time.
  • Dual Camera – Use two cameras at once during a meeting via the screen share web camera input. 
  • Virtual Background – Select a virtual picture as your video background for a more professional background and limit distractions for participants.  
  • Closed Captioning – Enable hearing impaired individuals or participants without audio capability to be included in the discussion. 
  • PIN Video – View one specific participant when you are in screen share mode.

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