Verify Performance of Your Bandwidth-Intensive and Time Critical Applications

Bandwidth-intensive and time-critical applications rely on specific network capabilities, so verifying the performance of your network is critical to identifying underlying problems that could prevent service or result in unanticipated costs or delays.

While other applications offer short-term bandwidth tests, they only reveal a small snapshot of your network’s performance. Long-duration VoIP testing is rarely provided, but it is the only true way to confirm if your site is ready for a hosted phone system and to identify any issues that could cause network disruptions.

Thankfully, with Broadview’s advanced OfficeSuite® Readiness Tool, you can measure a wide range of attributes critical to supporting VoIP and other real-time traffic right through your internet connection.

View Carrier’s Performance Data for Timely Resolution

The OfficeSuite® Readiness Tool performs a true VoIP test and delivers an industry standard for determining voice quality, every 15 minutes over a seven-day period, a total of 672 tests in a week! As an active performance testing solution, it measures voice quality and media, identifying performance issues that can’t be seen with passive solutions, such as: switch and router stats or Netflow data.

How it Works

The OfficeSuite® Readiness Tool test utilizes software that runs silently in the background on any networked computer or appliance to analyze the quality of your VoIP calls. At a quick glance, we can see the 5 top indicators of quality and can even drill down to a more granular level for a more thorough analysis.Your Broadview representative will present the detailed report to you so you know the specifications for your site’s performance.

Test Advantages:

  • Get true MOS (Mean Opinion Score) assessments and actual VoIP simulation testing to determine your site capacity and needs
  • Have your site accurately and completely analyzed over a multi-day span
  • Shows carriers performance data for timely trouble resolution 
  • Beyond VoIP – verify performance of your bandwidth-intensive and time critical applications 
  • Empirically validate firewall and IPS rules for your site 
  • Convenient, simple reports that are easy to understand


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