American Dental Dm A

Company Profile

Name: American Dental Offices, PLLC

Service: General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Location: NYC/Long Island Metro Area

Size: 200 employees, 11 locations

Challenge:  As a multi-site business, American Dental needed to simplify communications by replacing 11 separate physical phone systems with one integrated system for the entire practice.


With 10 regional dental super-centers and more than 200 dentists, specialists, and paraprofessionals, American Dental is proud to be the largest private dental practice in the New York City/Long Island metro area. During the past 50 years, American Dental has treated more than 1 million New Yorkers, and the practice was recently named Health Care Provider of the Year by the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce.


American Dental had an outdated phone system at the practice’s corporate site and separate physical phone systems at each of the 10 dental locations. Like many other practices, American Dental does not have IT staff at all of its locations; rather, the director of information technology, Dara Masi, was challenged with supporting 11 separate physical phone systems from her office at the corporate site. 

Masi explains: “When one of our offices calls and tells me their phones are not working, I’m talking to a front desk person, not a technical person, so they do not know what the root of the problem is—the issue could be the instrument on the desk, the phone line, or something that they accidentally programmed. I used to spend an enormous amount of time diagnosing problems. It made my job of resolving issues from a distance extremely difficult.” 

Not only was it time-consuming to support separate phone systems and managemultiple vendors, but it was also very costly. “It was extremely expensive,” asserts Masi. “We had separate maintenance contracts for the hardware-based phone systems at each of our 10 dental office locations. In addition, only one maintenance manager in the tri-state area would give us a maintenance contract for the system we had at our corporate location, so I was forced to hire expensive IT consultants every time I needed to make any changes to that unit. And since I was diagnosing issues from a distance, if I dispatched Verizon to one of our offices and it ended up not being a Verizon issue, I would get billed for that. With multiple vendors, there was a lot of finger-pointing and nothing got resolved.”

“OfficeSuite® gives me the ability to monitor and control the entire system from one website. As the IT Director for a multi-site business, having that visibility and control is priceless.”Dara MasiDirector of Information Technology


Masi contacted Total Telecom Solutions which recommended that American Dental remove their DSL lines and add an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network from Broadview Networks. Total Telecom Solutions also recommended that American Dental install Broadview’s award-winning cloud-based phone solution, OfficeSuite®, which would give the practice one integrated phone system for all of its 11 locations.

“Broadview solved our problems,” states Masi. “It was very cost-effective to remove the DSL lines and add the MPLS network.  Now everyone is on the same network, so calling someone in our Staten Island office is as easy as calling someone in our office—you just type in the extension. And we now have a high-speed connection to the Internet and a high-speed connection to the network—and we achieved all this without having to increase bandwidth.” 

Masi explains why American Dental selected Broadview’s solutions over competitors’ offerings: “Broadview was the least expensive and they were also the best fit because of the way OfficeSuite® works—it integrates very well with an MPLS network. We had been with Broadview for years because they provided our phone lines and DSL circuits, so I also had comfort knowing what I was getting in terms of support.” 

American Dental enjoys countless benefits as a result of implementing Broadview’s solutions; but for Masi, these benefits fall into four main categories:

  • Visibility and Control
  • Ease of Use
  • Superior Support
  • Cost-Savings


When asked if OfficeSuite® has made it easier for her to do her job, Masi replied, “A resounding yes! It also affects other people in the company; it adds to their productivity and makes their lives easier, too. It is so much easier for us to communicate between offices now—calling someone in another office is just like calling someone in your office.” 

“OfficeSuite® helps me; it makes my life so much easier. I am one person supporting the whole dental practice management system—a solution that makes my life easier,  am truly grateful for.”

“The whole OfficeSuite® installation process was incredibly simple. Broadview offered me training but I had the entire system set up before training, it is that easy to use!”Dara MasiDirector of Information Technology