Congratulations to the winners and the finalists selected to be a Business Blog to Watch in 2015!!!  With the introduction of a new year, the business world is subjected to an onslaught of new trends to watch and new ideas to consider.  It’s essential for businesspeople to track this news in order to stay relevant in an ever-evolving environment.  But where does one look to find this information?  Not to just read the headlines, but to read in-depth analysis of the issues or ideas at hand to apply them to ones’ own business practices. 

This is exactly why Broadview Networks is seeking out the best and most relevant websites that can help take your business to the next level in 2015. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, which will help our clients and partners glean the most knowledgeable and insightful analysis of business trends on the web.   We want everyone to succeed in 2015, one way that we can help is to make sure you’re on top of the latest news and trends, that’s why we’re looking for the Business Blogs to Watch in 2015!

Broadview Networks is a leading business VoIP and cloud communication provider serving business customers since 1996. Broadview has built and operates its own advanced communications network and offers next-generation services including cloud-based phone systems, integrated networking services, and cloud-computing services. We are constantly seeking ways to be the best resource on business and technology news for our clients, partners, and readers.

We asked each of our winners to answer a few questions, below are their responses:

  • - How would you describe your blog to readers of our site?
  • - How do you stay on top of the latest news and trends in Business?
  • - What do you see as the most important trend/product/idea that businesspeople need to be aware of in 2015?


Describe Your Blog: [grow] is one of the most popular marketing blogs in the world, authored by Mark W. Schaefer, a well-known marketing consultant, college educator, and author of marketing books. The forward-thinking blog covers the intersection of marketing, technology and human systems.

How do you stay current? I am an avid reader of blogs and books and surround myself with a wise social media audience that tips me off to the trends to watch. I also make a point to spend personal time over lunch or coffee with as many smart people as I can!

What to watch for in 2015: There is one mega-trend that is like an enormous hammer forging nearly every idea and innovation in our marketing world today: Fighting through information density. By 2020, the amount of information on the web is expected to increase by 600% (and some believe that number is low!). The challenge of cutting through that wall of noise and earning a share of the limited customer attention span is THE business challenge for the foreseeable future.


Actionable Marketing Guide

Describe Your Blog:  Actionable Marketing Guide provides marketing insights on social media, content marketing and mobile. Whether you’re an expert or a newbie, Heidi Cohen simplifies the complex concepts behind today’s marketing challenges.  Every article includes valuable insights and practical tips you can use for your marketing and business plans. Hence, they’re “actionable.”

How do you stay current?   Stay up-to-date in today’s dynamic environment is a challenge for everyone. I use a combination of blogs, social media, news sources, conferences and colleagues.  With connected devices, many professionals overlook the power of personal relationships and live meetings and conferences. 

What to watch for in 2015:   Here are my top 5 business trends for 2015:

  1. 1. Extend your content strategy across your organization. This means a documented strategy that applies to all business information. Done well this should reduce costs.
  2. 2. Think mobile first. Smartphone use for on-the-go information consumption make this a necessity.
  3. 3. Include video. It’s a must have. It’s photographs on steroids and people like to consume information this way. BTW, it’s not just YouTube.
  4. 4. Use a variety of social media platforms. Tailor your interactions by network.
  5. 5. Measure your marketing results. ROI matters especially for content and social media.


Attention Getting Marketing

Describe Your Blog: I provide innovative marketing ideas and advice for small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. I cover everything from social media to publicity to promotions to successful small business ideas. 

How do you stay current? I have several Google news alerts send to me daily via email. I also follow certain blogs on social media and sites like Bloglovin and Feedspot.

What to watch for in 2015: The rental business will be huge. People don't want to buy things anymore, especially with technology and styles changing so quickly. From wedding dresses to furniture to cell phones, a hot business trend for 2015 and beyond will be to rent items, not sell them.


Being Apptentive Blog

Describe Your Blog:  Your source for industry new reports on the role of customer communication, experience, and loyalty when it comes to the mobile channel. We guide hundreds of brands to capture the voice of the customer, and use our years of experience and research to drive thought leadership around best practices for driving mobile customer engagement in a way that adds value for both the customer and the brand.

How do you stay current?  We monitor the web for all things customer experience, attend and sponsor leading conferences, and host industry discussions, fireside chats, and 'Appy Hour' meet-ups. We also have a wealth of data from working with our own customers that provides us with an outlet for primary research on how engagement drives mobile retention and loyalty.

What to watch for in 2015: 2015 will be all about the customer experience. From its emerging role as the single most important brand differentiator, to the necessity of a consistent brand experience in a landscape cluttered by more and more connected devices, to new uses of mobile as a revenue driver and customer service provider, customer experience should rank high on everyone's radar in 2015.


Bite Sized Chunks of Wisdom

Describe Your Blog:  Bite Size Chunks of Wisdom focuses on providing tips, tool, and techniques to help small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business. Penned by Jackie Nagel, Founder of Synnovatia, Bite Size Chunks of Wisdom caters to entrepreneurs seeking information to help them succeed in today's competitive environment, strategies for growth, and actionable advicewhile balancing their business with their personal life.

How do you stay current?  Never has it been easier to keep up with the latest trends and information. Feedly and Evernote are my favorite business companions. These tools allow me to stay current easily and effortlessly with only two clicks of my mouse. 

What to watch for in 2015: Technology continues to improve the work life for the small business entrepreneur. New tools are being developed and release daily that allow the small business owner to automate their routine processes. Automation promotes greater efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.


Business Advising

Describe Your Blog:’s blog seeks to bring resources, advice, and insightful how-to’s to small business owners across America. We cover topics such as small business news, marketing, human resources, business mentoring and advising, finances, operations, and planning. Our blog is the content arm of our program, which matches small business owners with volunteer advisors and mentors who provide tailored, hands-on assistance to grow their small businesses and to create quality jobs.

How do you stay current?  We follow several major business news sites, such as Forbes, Inc., AllBusiness, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times. We also leverage extensive connections and networks among business executives, major companies, and groups who support small businesses such as CDFIs, the SBA, and local economic development alliances. Lastly, we leverage our social media listening boards and channels.

What to watch for in 2015:  We work with small businesses, and in 2015 we see a need for American small companies and independent businesses to update and refresh all aspects of their web presence. Customers don’t just interact with you in place. Your website, Facebook page, online ads, Yelp listing — to your customers, they’re all an extension of you and your brand. This year, resolve to update your entire online presence. Make sure it reflects what your business does in the strongest way possible, and make sure it’s consistent across all of your channels and media. That means language, keywords, logos, imagery.


Business Unplugged at

Describe Your Blog:  Business Unplugged at provides expert advice to entrepreneurs and small business owners, curated from national small business expert and media personality Carol Roth and her broad community of entrepreneurship experts. Tips and takeaways are always authentic, are often envelope-pushing and are frequently filled with a great sense of humor-- all with the goal of helping small business owners succeed.

How do you stay current?  Carol Roth has been very forthcoming that she relies on Twitter to consume and curate news and trends, as her robust following- and those that she follows in return- give her immediate access to top news and trends in business, technology, politics, current events, popular culture and more. Her Twitter handle is @CarolJSRoth.

What to watch for in 2015: Technology remains the most important trend for this year, especially as the cloud has democratized access to technology tools.  Now, small business owners can harness the same powerful technologies that only were cost-effective for larger organizations to use.  Technology enables entrepreneurs to access clients more broadly, be more efficient and productive, and access information anywhere at a very reasonable cost.



Describe Your Blog:  Latest tips & trends on Freight Shipping, Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics

How do you stay current?  Scan over 400 articles daily, using RSS feeds & Google alerts. Read approximately 50 of them.

What to watch for in 2015:  The Skills Gap; there is a need for highly technical and skilled workers, but often education and experience are lacking to fill those positions.


Drew’s Marketing Minute

Describe Your Blog:  Marketing tips and insights for business owners and leaders written by a 30 year veteran of the marketing agency business.

How do you stay current?  It’s what I do for a living, so between taking care of clients, doing a lot of reading and our own experimentation — that keeps me current!

What to watch for in 2015:  People need to understand that time is today’s most valuable commodity so long before you can get someone to give you their money, they have to give you their time/attention. How you earn that attention today is by being helpful — not pushy.  You become a trusted resource and then, when they are ready to buy, they’re likely to buy from you.


Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog

Describe Your Blog:  Zane Benefits’ Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog covers the most relevant employee benefit and human resource (HR) topics for small business owners and their staff. Common topics include HR best practices, employee benefits compliance, healthcare reform, recruiting and retention strategies, and emerging small business trends. Common contributors include best-selling authors and small business experts at Zane Benefits, the leader in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses.

How do you stay current?  The contributors to Zane Benefits’ Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog are small business experts who use a variety of sources to stay on top of the latest news and trends. Common sources include Zane Benefits’ customers, industry books and reports, new regulations and bills, social media and traditional sourcing outlets.  Our team is constantly researching the latest trends and news in order to summarize and expand on the most relevant information and tips for our subscribers.

What to watch for in 2015:  One of the biggest trends that businesspeople need to be aware of is the massive shift we are witnessing in the way Americans buy health insurance. More small businesses are canceling health insurance and giving their employees money to buy their own health insurance. We cover this topic extensively in our blog and in our most recent book, The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance.


Eventual Millionaire

Describe Your Blog:  Eventual Millionaire is real talk with real millionaires. Business coach Jaime Tardy interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to learn their failures, advice, tips and stories.

How do you stay current?  I don't watch the news - or read very many blogs with the latest and greatest. Instead I talk to people that are in the industry. They are the filters of only the most important info that I need!

What to watch for in 2015:  I think podcasting has been a trend for the past year, and I think it's going more main stream now.   It's still about building a platform of people that know like and trust you already, and a podcast is a great way to get in their heads! (literally with headphones in!)


Fill the Funnel

Describe Your Blog:  Fill the Funnel shares the latest tools, technology and tactics to grow and improve business success. Technology options are exploding in the market, and sorting through them all to find those that are a good fit for you can be daunting. At Fill the Funnel, we review the newest tools and explore strategies and tactics to use them in your business. We NEVER receive payment or accept advertisements for the tools we review. Each tool is installed and used in day to day business operations before a word is ever written.

How do you stay current?  I take advantage of RSS feeds from over 120 respected blogs, monitor social media for keywords important to our readers, and enjoy a network of venture capital and angel investors who introduce us to the emerging tools before anyone even knows they exist.

What to watch for in 2015:  Gaining an understanding of how “big data” and analytics can and will be used in their industry. The implications for every field are tremendous and game-changing in all aspects of a business operation from hiring, expansion, customer service, sales, marketing and finance. It can be an intimidating topic that Fill the Funnel hopes to provide training, content and opportunities to learn more.


Fit Small Business

Describe Your Blog:  Our mission is to help business owners find the best software and services for their businesses.  We write in depth product reviews and recommendations on everything from CRM software to business loan providers.

How do you stay current?  We rely heavily on following influential bloggers, journalists, and companies in our space on twitter.   We also setup extensive Google news alerts around the software and services we cover as well as general small business topics.

What to watch for in 2015:  As the economy continues to pick up steam and the unemployment rate continues to drop, finding talented employees that can operate in the 21st century business is going to become even more difficult.  I think this is the biggest trend that will affect small businesses in 2015, and will require those who want to succeed to get more creative in their hiring efforts.


Fundera Ledger

Describe Your Blog:  The Fundera Ledger provides news and advice for small business owners, by small business owners and industry experts, on a variety of topics related to financing and operating a small business. We strive to educate our readers and give them the power to make informed decisions for their businesses.

How do you stay current?  I use my social feeds to curate a personal list of business owners, influencers, and journalists who write on the topics that are important to small businesses today. I mostly focus on finance and small business related topics, though I am interested in entrepreneurship and tech as well. We also look to our customers and their personal experiences to inform ourselves on what’s really going on out there – every day we learn more about the challenges small business owners face and we try to curate helpful content based on their needs.

What to watch for in 2015:  The most important trend that businesspeople need to be aware of is the continuing migration of business services to the internet and mobile. In 2015, and going forward, business owners will need to be comfortable with executing key business services—like accounting, payroll, healthcare, etc.—online and on a growing number of mobile devices.


Global Small Business Blog

Describe Your Blog:  The Global Small Business Blog is the definitive blog for small businesses and entrepreneurs interested in going global.

How do you stay current?  Read a lot - online and offline!

What to watch for in 2015:  Shareable and wearable data.  And Bitcoin will make its mark as a serious payment system.  Mobile apps will become more specialized and explode in popularity.  Exporting will be embraced by all business owners as a healthier way to grow.


Guerrilla Freelancing

Describe Your Blog:  Guerrilla Freelancing is a website dedicated to helping every freelancer still in the trenches, working as hard as they can to build up a solid freelance business. Our main objective is to be a voice for those who have not "made it" and provide straight to the point advice and tips for the guerrilla freelancer.

How do you stay current?  Two of the biggest tools I use right now to keep up with everything a freelancer needs (marketing, business trends, social media, etc) is Feedly and Tweetdeck. I use Feedly to keep up with all of the blogs/websites I need to follow, and I use Tweetdeck to share what I find, interact with my readers and tweet other quick tips and advice that doesn't fill up a full article for the blog.

What to watch for in 2015:   I think the most important thing for business owners to keep an eye on in 2015 is social media. Over the past couple of years we've seen it really grow into an intergal part of our every day lives (not just for business), which means our potential customers are out there, and we can reach them, interact with them and foster the human connections that everyone is looking for.


Help Scout

Describe Your Blog:  Data-driven insights and advice on email support and customer loyalty. The Help Scout blog aims to help businesses provide outstanding customer experiences.

How do you stay current?  We use a combination of Feedly and Twitter. Feedly is for those blogs we just can't miss. Twitter is for relying on serendipity!

What to watch for in 2015:  Retention has never been more important for online businesses, yet we seem to reside in a world that seeks to avoid customers—these are people, not pageviews. They no longer hire just the product, they hire the company. They care about the result as a whole. Support, success, content, the team; these all play a role.


Innovation Excellence

Describe Your Blog:  Innovation has mainstreamed.  We reflect the global pulse on the new way of working.  We are the world's largest crowd sourced innovation blog and social community, the place where innovators and the work they do is brought to life - leaders around the world call us "the go to site for what’s going on in Innovation.”

How do you stay current?  We have Innovation Practitioners in 175 countries who report and share the latest stories about real innovation work and news.  We have a team of incredible editors and partners who are motivated to make IX their platform because they know they'll be seen and heard. “The feeling of crowd-sourced content is an engagement permission slip…because it is a more relevant, meaningful and actionable.    

What to watch for in 2015:  Innovation has mainstreamed and become a critical part of new way of working, thinking, and it's become a pre-requisite for survival.


Launch Grow Joy

Describe Your Blog:  Launch Grow Joy is THE go-to source for product entrepreneurs who want more press, more exposure, more success, and more sales

How do you stay current?  I stay on top of the latest news by reading online publications in my industry and also listening to podcasts.

What to watch for in 2015:  I think the most important trend in 2015 is the ability to create relationships with your customers, whether it's via your email newsletter, your blog, your social media presence or through in-person events.


LocalVox Local Marketing Blog

Describe Your Blog:  The LocalVox Local Marketing Blog is the leading resource for for SMBs, franchises, multi-location businesses and the agencies that serve them to understand how to drive online customers into local sales. We put out white papers, research, webinars and posts on the strategic and practical application of driving differentiated marketing results from local SEO, social media, directory optimization, reputation management, content marketing, email and more. 

How do you stay current?  We actively subscribe to leading blogs we love, leaders on Twitter and search through industry sites to make sure we understand where the industry is and is going and how our clients and partners can take advantage of new technologies and opportunities.  Our networks of partners that include industry giants like First Data and The Berry Company also give us unique insights as to what they are seeing and bringing to market to keep us ahead of the curve.

What to watch for in 2015:

  1. 1.  The Pace of Market Disruption - The pace of market disruption is increasing at alarming rates.  Products are growing from idea to prototype to billion dollar companies (Uber, Instagram, AppNexus) and hundred million dollar companies ( buddy media, wildfire, FourSquare, etc.) faster than ever.  As the barriers to market get knocked down increasingly enabling products to quickly get in the hands of customers and as social media quickly spreads great products, rapidly iterating products and taking risky shots at disruption have proven to have higher ROI and quicker pay back on investment.  Large companies need to adapt to participate in the disruption economy either by changing internal culture and appetite for risk, creating separate innovation labs measured by different corporate metrics or creating venture funds to incubate ideas externally.
  2. 2. Mass Customization - Technology and data are enabling mass customization of marketing messaging, product delivery and service.   While it starts with segmenting your customer base at increasing levels of granularity, increasingly companies are able to customize the messaging at every path of the customer journey and move from static content to interactive apps that deliver the ideal experience for your prospect or customer.  Simply sharing the same cookie cutter content and messaging will decreasingly work in 2015.


Natalie Sisson's The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Describe Your Blog:  Sharing tips, tools and strategies to help fellow online entrepreneurs discover more freedom in business and adventure in life.

How do you stay current?  Since my business is run online and on the go, it's important to stay up to date on all the latest apps, tools and strategies. I keep updated via social media, as well as by being a part of a mastermind group and subscribing to several thought leader newsletters.

What to watch for in 2015:  Mobile everything. Being optimized for it, considering every action your customers take is likely to be performed on a mobile, in their hand, retail - including purchase, reviews etc



Describe Your Blog:  On Pagemodo’s blog, we provide the latest tips and trends to help small business owners, marketers, and social media enthusiasts improve their engagement and get the most out of their social media efforts.

How do you stay current?  Constant vigilance! The authors you’ll hear from on our blog follow numerous social media experts on Twitter and other networks, have Google alerts set up for topics that concern our readers, seek out top industry blog content, and wade through lots of social media newsletters that come to our inboxes.

What to watch for in 2015:  In the social marketing space, the most important trend business owners need to be aware of is the move away from promotion and toward conversation. With Facebook’s recent crackdown on promotional content in the News Feed, it will be nearly impossible for small business owners to extend their reach and engagement in the social space if they don’t find their authentic voice and focus on the conversations their brand can create online. Instead of blasting out promotional messages, brands will have to find more creative ways to express the value of products and services through engagement with their target audience.


Patriot Software Blogs -

Payroll Blog: Payroll Training, Tips and News

Accounting Blog: Accounting Training, Tips and News

Describe Your Blog:  Small business owners are busy people, and they don't have the luxury of time to browse for answers to their questions. We want to provide a trusted resource especially for the small business owner. If a business owner leaves our site better informed and better able to run his or her business, then we'll have achieved that goal!

How do you stay current?  Our founder and president, Mike Kappel, is a serial entrepreneur, so he is very much in tune with the "pain" of a small business owner! We rely on our in-house accounting and payroll experts for their knowledge. We're also avid readers, and we're always sharing articles and digging into the latest news that might be important to our readers.

What to watch for in 2015:  We predict that adoption of cloud software for business will be an important trend in 2015. As we become more comfortable with online software applications in our personal lives, business owners will naturally see online business software as a real alternative to desktop software.


Small Biz Daily

Describe Your Blog:  Ideas, Insights, Information and Inspiration for Entrepreneurs. SmallBizDaily is powered by three people with a passion for entrepreneurship: Rieva Lesonsky, Maria Valdez Haubrich and Karen Axelton. We met at Entrepreneur Magazine nearly 25 years ago, when Rieva hired the rest of us as editors. We’ve been a great team ever since, so when Rieva decided it was time for her to stop talking about entrepreneurship and start living it, she naturally turned to us to be her business partners.  At SmallBizDaily, we combine our decades of experience reading and writing about entrepreneurship with our new experience as startup entrepreneurs to share our unique take on the world of small business.

How do you stay current?  Rieva Lesonsky is CEO of SmallBizDaily and GrowBiz Media, a content and consulting company specializing in small businesses and entrepreneurship. Rieva has been meeting with, consulting to and speaking to America’s SMBs for nearly 30 years. Prior to co-founding GrowBiz Media in 2008, she was SVP/Editorial Director of Entrepreneur Magazine.  Rieva’s energy and enthusiasm have helped inspire entrepreneurs nationwide. A nationally recognized speaker who regularly addresses audiences across the country, she has appeared on hundreds of radio shows and numerous local and national television programs. Rieva is also the author of several books about small business and entrepreneurship, including the bestseller Start Your Own Business.

What to watch for in 2015:   A new survey from Nielsen shows that more than 80 percent of product searches made on a mobile device led to a purchase. If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile viewing, don’t wait for the new year to get started. You’re leaving sales on the table. And what small business can afford to do that?


Small Business Bonfire

Describe Your Blog:  Small Business Bonfire provides practical, actionable, and relevant tips that small business owners (aspiring, new, and experienced) can use immediately in their businesses. We cover the gamut of small business topics including starting a business, business planning, marketing, social media, productivity, blogging, employee management, e-commerce, going mobile, goal setting, finances, networking, security, work-life balance, and more.

How do you stay current?  Business owners can stay on top of business news and trends by implementing a few easy systems that streamline information (and prevent information overload!). You can read about four ways to stay on top of business news and trends that don't require a significant time investment here:

What to watch for in 2015:  Digital marketing will continue to grow in importance in 2015. Businesses need to create strategies that leverage all of the digital tools that are available -- social media, online video, content marketing, mobile, email marketing, etc. Not only will digital marketing strategies expand the reach of a business in 2015, but digital marketing is also cost effective and accessible to businesses of all sizes.


Small Business Majority Blog

Describe Your Blog:  Small Business Majority’s blog is a one stop shop for all the breaking and pressing policy issues and information that affect small business owners nationwide. We feature a variety of posts, including op-eds, Q&As and interviews to keep small business owners up to date on issues that matter to them. We also work to feature more lighthearted fare, such as profiles on up and coming entrepreneurs and feature articles on quirky and unique small businesses across the country, to create a balance of informative and entertaining posts for our readers.

How do you stay current?  We are founded by small business owners and staffed by experts with knowledge on a wide array of topics impacting small business owners. We have contacts with many business organizations and key federal offices in Washington who assist with our initiatives. Lastly, we conduct scientific opinion polling of small business owners nationwide so that we’re always in the know on the small business perspective in order to represent them and bring their voice to the public policy table.

What to watch for in 2015:  In 2015, we’re going to be moving forward more heavily with our entrepreneurship program in order to deliver resources and information to entrepreneurs in key areas, like access to capital, technology and opportunity youth. We believe that by providing education about products, services and business and policy solutions that strengthen existing small businesses, it will allow would-be entrepreneurs to take the next step in launching their own business.

Small Business Revolution

Describe Your Blog:  Smart Business Revolution is aimed at helping small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to get better at using relationships to grow their revenues or their business. 

How do you stay current?  I'm constantly on the web - I have Google news alerts set up and news alerts from various different news sites. I am on a lot of email lists and I also monitor social media.

What to watch for in 2015:  I think the proliferation of the internet has made relationships even more important today than ever before. We want to trust people we do business with, and therefore we look to our personal network and trusted referrals more than ever.


Small Business Sense

Describe Your Blog:  The Small Business Sense blog publishes articles based on trends in technology, marketing, and other hot topics for independent Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs...and also business owners with 20 or less employees.  The site features was created to be a hub of information that helps entrepreneur's in the startup, management and growth phases of their businesses.

How do you stay current?  Currently, I am using Feedly (a free application) to stay on top of the latest and greatest news in Small Business & Entrepreneurship

What to watch for in 2015:  I believe that content marketing is a trend that small business owners should definitely take advantage as a means of marketing and promoting their businesses.  Next up is Virtual Staffing.  One of the problems that I hear a lot (particularly with small business owners and Entrepreneurs with limited staff) is that they struggle with staying on top of things.  In this case, I believe that hiring and outsourcing various projects to Virtual Staff can truly be beneficial to business owners struggling in this area.


Sprout Geek

Describe Your Blog:  Sprout Geek is the online knowledgebase for business owners. We publish comprehensive business guides across different business functions and industries. We also work very closely with experienced business owners to make sure our guides contain only proven and practical advice.

How do you stay current?  I get my news through a tool called Digg Reader. It aggregates all my blog and news site subscriptions, as well as the most shared links among the people I follow on Twitter. I also follow many well-respected business owners in different industries on Twitter and LinkedIn to be in the loop of what's happening in these industries.

What to watch for in 2015? Mobile is going to be huge in 2015. It's not just about making your website mobile responsive. People are hooked to their favorite apps. You need to look at the most downloaded apps in the App Store and ask how your business can establish a presence in these apps. For example, having a restaurant deal shows up when a match happens in a dating app makes perfect sense. However, most restaurant owners would have dismissed dating apps in favor of restaurant discovery apps which they have to compete with many other restaurants in their area.


The Capterra Blog

Describe Your Blog:  Our readers are primarily owners and employees of small to medium sized businesses, doctors, lawyers, and corporate talent professionals.  Most are fairly tech-savvy, and looking to get a leg-up with software and tech in their industries.

How do you stay current?   We use a combination of Twitter feeds, following industry experts, RSS feeds of other popular blogs and publications, and interaction with industry LinkedIn groups.  To a lesser extent we follow what's happening on Quora, HARO, and at industry events.

What to watch for in 2015?  We're seeing huge things happening across all industries with mobile.  While 2013 and 2014 were the years of mobile being overhyped, 2015 some of that hype is becoming justified.  From wearables in the medical industry, to mobile recruiting, mobile devices in field service, and more, mobile is absolutely the most important business trend in 2015.


The Red Rocket

Describe Your Blog:  Guide to the worlds of technology, PR and social media from London based PR and marketing consultant Phil Szomszor. Includes social media and marketing advice, reviews and video viral of the month features.

How do you stay current?  I keep on top of the latest trends by reading lots of other blogs, keeping an eye on Twitter and attending networking events. Actually it's meeting and talking to people face to face that is often the most overlooked way of keeping on top of latest trends.

What to watch for in 2015: From a marketing perspective, there's nothing new as such - it'll still be very mobile, video and content focused in terms of new trends - but 2015 will see a lot of refinement in how these are delivered. I'm expecting to see a continuation of the merging of marketing disciplines, so the worlds of PR, search, digital, mobile and direct sales will become even more blurred. In business to business PR, we've still got a long way to go on the digital side, but I'm seeing evidence that companies are starting to see the returns that have been promised for a while - although they need to be careful not to make it a "let's talk about me" exercise.