Congratulations to the winners and the finalists of the Best Real Estate Blogs Award!!! Professionals such as yourself know the benefit of learning from expert experience, hearing stories of both failure and success, and breaking down the complex process of buying/renting a home. Lucky for us there is no shortage of Real Estate-focused blogs available on the web recounting experiences in business, recommending tools to use, and general advice for Real Estate. Broadview Networks is seeking out the best and most relevant websites in Real Estate to bring you customers and support while bringing them knowledge in return. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, which will help our clients and partners glean the best Real Estate information and advice on the web.

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We asked each of our winners to answer a few questions, below are their responses:

  • -How would you describe your blog to readers of our site?
  • -What one piece of advice would you give to someone interested in buying/renting a home/apartment?
  • -How do you stay on top of the latest news and trends in Real Estate?

Bubble Info

  • Describe Your Blog: The blog is written by Jim Klinge (aka Jim the Realtor), an active broker who sells homes in San Diego's north coastal region. He began the blog in 2006, documenting the wild ride in residential real estate sales, and since then has produced over 5,000 blog posts, 1,700+ YouTube videos with over 2 million views, and been on various national news programs. While most of the blog's content is San Diego-related, there are several tips and insights that apply to all.
  • Piece of Advice: Get a good realtor, see lots of homes, and be conservative about what you can afford. See our "Homebuyer Tips 2014".
  • How do you stay current? Only believe what you see for yourself around town - the national media insists on quoting ivory-tower types who are just guessing about the real estate market.

City Lakes Real Estate Blog

  • Describe Your Blog: Insights about the residential housing market -- and the occasional "macro musing" on economics, business, etc. -- from a top Twin Cities Realtor.
  • Piece of Advice: Learn the market and work with a good agent, lender (Buyer), and home inspector (Buyer but sometimes Renter, too)
  • How do you stay current? By being an active Realtor; monitoring what I'm hearing and seeing with my own clients as well as listening to what my colleagues are reporting about their experiences; attending Broker and industry meetings and events; well-chosen continuing ed (lots of it is garbage); and by reading voraciously, both online and off.

Colorado Real Estate Blog - Brandy Unruh

  • Describe Your Blog: The great articles you will find on are all inclusive to home lifestyle and living. There are items about how to make your home pretty, what you can do to fix things around your home and how to love your home a little more. I really like to focus on using what you already have to make your home shine and sparkle.
  • Piece of Advice: If you are looking to buy a home I highly suggest making a list of what you cannot live without, things that would be nice and what you absolutely do not want. Then I would say really comb over the section that you cannot live without. When searching for a home, there are concessions that people can make in every price range, but if you are realistic and logical about the items that you cannot live without, you will be more likely to find your next dream home, even if it needs a little of your personal touch to make it so. In the end you will be happier with your home and the rest will fall into place.
  • How do you stay current? The Real Estate market is changing daily, and sometimes it can seem like it is so active that it can change by the hour. I spend a great deal of time reading up on the latest articles on all social media outlets as well as the most innovative resources in Real Estate. In addition, utilizing technology really helps me to stay up to date with the Real Estate trends. Right now I am focusing on video as my contribution to not only being on top of but contributing to the latest real estate trends.

Flipping Junkie

  • Describe Your Blog: My blog goes behind the scenes and shows what the daily life of a house flipper is really like. It shows the reality that this is a people business and relies on getting a lot of leads to get good deals. I blogged about 34 weeks of house flipping recently where I showed all the marketing I did, the deal analysis for each lead and details about the houses I bought, fixed and flipped. No other blog has shown this in as much detail.
  • Piece of Advice: My best piece of advice for someone interested in buying a home is to be patient and find the right place for you. Be honest with yourself and don't settle. What do you want, where do you want it? Don't wear yourself out looking at hundreds of properties in a week. Take your time and wait for the right one to find you.
  • How do you stay current? I stay on all the latest real estate news and trends (mostly regarding real estate investing) by reading other blogs, masterminding with other real estate investors and reading a ton of books. If you're not always learning, you're falling behind.

Getting Real

  • Describe Your Blog: Getting Real is Gary Lucido's irreverent blog about the Chicago real estate scene - the market, the industry, and the players. It also covers a number of related topics such as economic factors, legislation, and industry practices. Getting Real also uncovers some of the smoke and mirrors in the industry so that consumers can make better decisions when selecting realtors.
  • Piece of Advice: Find a smart, responsive, realtor that shares their commission with you. Great savings does not preclude you from getting great service also. Check out a sample post where I dispel the myth that you need a neighborhood expert to sell your home.
  • How do you stay current? I subscribe to various news alerts and there are certain regular releases I follow such as Case Shiller index, RealtyTrac's foreclosure market report, and the Illinois Association of Realtors releases.

Hassle-Free Cash Flowing Investing

  • Describe Your Blog: If you are looking for a hassle-free real estate investing experience, you’ll find it on our website www.HassleFreeCashflowInvestin... You'll find no-cost investor education and turnkey real estate investment opportunities such as turnkey rental houses that can produce positive cash flow with as little as 5% down using special investor financing. Qualified investors have the opportunity to explore passive real estate investing opportunities in group investments, syndications, and private lending opportunities. Our team also offers brokerage services representing clients in the acquisition of net leased commercial income properties.
  • Piece of Advice: Real estate investing cab be like learning a foreign language. If you are new to real estate and you're primarily speaking with other newbies, you are likely to teach each other bad habits and ultimately waste a lot of time and money going nowhere. To be successful in real estate, surround yourself with successful investors. If you are humble, sincere, and gracious with your questions, many successful investors will be happy to share what they know you free of charge.
  • How do you stay current? We talk with real estate investors all over the country on a daily basis about their local markets, current investing strategies and market trends. The best way to learn anything is to teach it. We host a free educational webinar series on our blog, where we interview financial professionals about their area of expertise. The best part of hosting these video events is the ability to learn from and ask questions of the top real estate investing minds in the business.

Kenihan Development

  • Describe Your Blog: An in depth look at a growing boutique design/development firm in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Piece of Advice: Do your due diligence to make sure you are getting a good deal and always look for ways to add value.
  • How do you stay current? I read many blogs and magazines and keep a constant eye on the inventory in my neighborhood.

Kimco Realty Blog

  • Describe Your Blog: Kimco Realty is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns and operates North America’s largest publicly-traded portfolio of neighborhood and community shopping centers. Kimco’s blog explores all aspects of the retail industry and the people behind it, with topics such as expert advice for retailers, sustainability, leasing, property management, acquisitions, and tenant profile podcasts. Its core audiences are retailers and other tenants (current and prospective); institutional investors, analysts, shareholders, and the company’s own associates. Each post is crafted to address that audience’s needs and provide value they can’t find elsewhere.
  • Piece of Advice: 1. Consider daily population fluctuations. A restaurant that needs a strong lunch business in addition to its normal dinner business should be located in an area where there are many places of employment, rather than in the middle of a bedroom community. 2. Look for a shopping center with a tenant mix that attracts customers similar to yours, and that complements your business. Place extra weight on whom the anchor tenants draw, because these businesses typically pull in the majority of the center’s customer base. 2. Keep your eye on the size. You should determine as precisely as possible how much square footage you need to support the types of products, fixtures and levels of inventory you need. 3. Many small business owners think they need to find a location with large signage capability and high street visibility. Locations with good street visibility typically have higher rents than the space inside the shopping center, so you want to be sure you need this visibility. More info on how to select a retail center can be found on our blog.
  • How do you stay current? With top retail experts located across the country, Kimco brings together some of its brightest minds to develop fresh and informative story angles that will provide value to the reader while raising awareness of the company’s initiatives. In addition to daily news monitoring, the Kimco team has a close eye on digital and social buzz to ensure that the company is sharing content in whatever form is trending with audiences. Kimco has created a mix of blog content that includes video clips and podcast interviews to ensure that key audiences are interacting with the content in new and interesting ways.

Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

  • Describe Your Blog: A comprehensive site for real estate investors where they can find in depth articles, guest interviews from industry experts, podcasts and videos to start or grow a profitable real estate investing business.
  • Piece of Advice: Whether you are buying property for yourself or as an investment, there are two important things to remember. First of all you should always know your market and the area you are considering inside and out. Is it an appreciating area? Secondly, don't fall in love with any property before completing your due diligence. Real estate investing is a numbers game. Doing these two things before you sign on the dotted line will help insure you are making a solid investment.
  • How do you stay current? I have been investing in real estate since 1998, and I am a long time member of my local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association). I have a large group of industry experts that I work with and network with on a regular basis. We are all lifelong learners and stay on top of industry trends and happenings in the real estate world.

Maximum Real Estate Exposure

  • Describe Your Blog: Information to help consumers make sound business decisions when buying or selling a home. The advice is a based on almost three decades of real estate experience working in all types of markets.
  • Piece of Advice: Information to help consumers make sound business decisions when buying or selling a home. The advice is a based on almost three decades of real estate experience working in all types of markets.
  • How do you stay current? I am very active is social media and use Google Plus, Twitter and a number of top real estate sites for up to date information.

Mike McCann

  • Describe Your Blog: The McCann Team Blog is a collection of Philly news, neighborhood reviews and sneak peeks at newly listed properties. The blog encapsulates everything the McCann Team love about Philadelphia and Real Estate. We feature information on small businesses in the area, Philly events and exciting attractions. We are even beginning to introduce fun Philly related contests.
  • Piece of Advice: We recommend enlisting the help of a real estate professional to assist you in making an informed decision. We strive to make sure these important decisions are as stress and anxiety free as possible. Make sure you do your research on the neighborhoods you are considering to be sure that they meet all of your needs.
  • How do you stay current? We keep a close watch on other news sources and all things Philadelphia. We always keep our eyes open for interesting stories. Our team knows and loves the city and is passionate about sharing everything that makes it great!

OC Housing News

  • Describe Your Blog: The OC Housing News provides entertaining and insightful housing market analysis and advanced real estate search tools.
  • Piece of Advice: The current housing market is heavily manipulated, so buying a house still has an element of risk. The monthly cost of ownership, something detailed on each property on our site, still shows many properties sell for prices below rental parity, the price where the cost of ownership equals the cost of rent. Expect tepid appreciation over the next decade; if prices rise, consider it a bonus.
  • How do you stay current? I constantly read news articles and provide daily analysis and commentary on the latest developments in residential real estate.

On The Road with Steve Felix

  • Describe Your Blog: Thoughts on the commercial / institutional real estate industry and life in general.
  • Piece of Advice: Buy now. Prices will continue to go up.
  • How do you stay current? Listen to people in the industry.

Real Estate

  • Describe Your Blog: Our blog is always aimed to offer best and more information on types of properties available for the purchase along with the possible loan options. It is definitely a best place to learn about various types of properties along with their features and characteristics.
  • Piece of Advice: The main thing to keep in mind while buying or renting a home or apartment is its location. If this location is in right part of the city, then living conditions will improve to a good extent. Here, cost factor is always very well intertwined with home or apartment based on its location too. To reduce the financial burden, considering some of the best loan options can result into best solution here.
  • How do you stay current? Most of other real estate news is nowadays seen being credited with promotional activity in it. Definitely, news with promotional activity will fail at providing the valuable information for the prospective customer in the real estate. You can see all our blog posts never recommend a venture or property in it. Our news is aimed to offer the information that is sought by everyone around.

Sacramento Appraisal Blog

  • Describe Your Blog: The Sacramento Appraisal Blog is a top-ranking appraisal blog and it exists to help illuminate the local housing market as well as resource the real estate community and general public on how to understand the appraisal process and better work with appraisers. Topics include real estate market trends, tips for Realtors, appraisal issues and anything I find interesting or entertaining. This blog is also listed as one of the top 35 real estate blogs by BiggerPockets.
  • Piece of Advice: We tend to hear that it is always a good time to buy, but some markets are better than others because home prices and/or interest rates might be lower in some seasons, which makes it more affordable to own. Ultimately though it's only a "good time to buy" if you can truly afford the market, and it makes reasonable sense for your investment or personal financial goals.
  • How do you stay current? I stay on top of the market by reading many different real estate sources, talking to local professionals, and most of all pulling my own data each month to make trend graphs that explain the housing market.

Smith & Associates Real Estate

  • Describe Your Blog: The Smith & Associates Real Estate blog is a place for new and seasoned homeowners alike. Our readers can submit questions and learn about the local market as well as all aspects of the Real Estate transaction.
  • Piece of Advice: Whether buying or renting a home, the search can be stressful, especially when large, online Real Estate search sites portray incorrect or dated information. Having the right agent on your side during this important time in your life will make the experience much easier and even enjoyable!
  • How do you stay current? At Smith & Associates Real Estate, we only add the best and brightest in the business to our team. We offer constant training opportunities to our staff and agents to ensure that our entire organization leads the local market, not only in Real Estate, but in knowledge of local trends and cutting edge technology.

Spruce Creek FLY-IN Airpark Real Estate - Karlhaus Realty

  • Describe Your Blog: KARLHAUS REALTY™ at the Spruce Creek Fly-in is a full service Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Florida luxury residential fly-in, golf and ocean properties as well as commercial and investment real estate. Based at the Spruce Creek Fly-in, the world's most exclusive fly-in community, we are only a few miles from famous Daytona Beach. Visit KARLHAUS REALTY™ for the latest news, insights and special deals in real estate at the Spruce Creek Fly-in, Port Orange, Daytona Beach and rest of Florida.
  • Piece of Advice: These are times where anyone with a fourth grade education and a real estate license call themselves "Marketing Professionals". Contact a professional with the formal education and experience to deal with the challenges of today's real estate. The wrong decision or negotiating stance will cost you tens of thousands of dollars and a real pro will make the difference.
  • How do you stay current? Extensive experience, constant research, constant training and nimble at navigating the markets. We are not just Brokers but also Developers and Investors. We have put our skin on multimillion dollar deals and offer a distinct perspective. You may say we "Talk the Talk and do the Walk.

The Agency Daily

  • Describe Your Blog: Our blog, "The Agency Daily", is cultivated and curated content about the luxury lifestyle experience. By sharing our expertise in topics such as design, wine, fashion, travel and more, we’ve become an online destination for those who want to be in the know. It's like the best of Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, Travel & Leisure, Forbes, Wallpaper and Food & Wine.
  • Piece of Advice: Answered by The Agency's Founder & President Billy Rose: Find a real estate professional who can explain, and guide you through, all the nuances of the process. There is a wealth of information readily available to all now through the internet and on sites like Zillow and Redfin, but an experienced agent can give you important insight in to matters which aren't available, or aren't factored into, Zillow's or Redfin's algorithms. For example, without guidance, a buyer may think that the house which just sold across the street (with the same size house and lot) is the perfect comparable, yet the one which just sold overlooks the golf course and the one the buyer is considering backs up to a busy street and has no view. Buyers should absolutely get familiar with the market using the many tools which are out there today, but there is no substitute for the seasoned professional who can help you refine the oftentimes raw and unreliable data and other items which can be gleaned online and otherwise and who can protect and promote your interests and concerns through the searching and acquisition process.
  • How do you stay current? Answered by The Agency's Founder & President Billy Rose: There's an avalanche of information available now as a result of the proliferation of websites focusing on real estate and the popularity of the space generally amongst seemingly all. I get daily feeds from such outlets as the LA Business Journal, Curbed and DTLA Rising, but nothing is as valuable as the exchange of information amongst our agents. The Agency counts among its ranks a large number of the market’s top agents, and we meet daily to get up-to-the-minute updates on what’s happening in the market (what’s about to come available, fall out of escrow or be reduced; what can be bought or what sold “off market” as a “pocket”; who is buying a new house and, therefore, will be selling their existing home; etc.). Our unique collaborative culture gives us access to an unparalleled amount of information due to our frequent and vast flow of information, and, as a result, we are able to achieve extraordinary results.

The Front Steps

  • Describe Your Blog: An insider’s look to San Francisco real estate with a very open-minded approach to all the ins and outs of what it is that makes our market tick.
  • Piece of Advice: Do it now, before it gets more expensive.
  • How do you stay current? I read blogs, news, Twitter, Industry publications, and all kinds of data to clutter up my brain.

The Housing Bubble

  • Describe Your Blog: Examining the home price boom and its effect on owners, lenders, regulators, realtors and the economy as a whole.
  • Piece of Advice: Be skeptical of what you read and hear about the market. If they aren't offended by your first offer, it was too high.
  • How do you stay current? Read 100 articles before noon. Read another 100 articles in the afternoon.

Walk Score

  • Describe Your Blog: Walk Score is all about helping people find homes that are near the people and places they love. Being able to walk out your door and be at your destination—whether that's your job, school, park, grocery store or restaurant—is great for your wallet, health and quality of life. Our blog covers a range of walkability topics: real estate, biking, health, community life, lifestyle tips and advice, how to live more locally, authentic travel experiences, trends and news.
  • Piece of Advice: When choosing a place to live, remember that what is outside the four walls of your apartment is just as important as what is inside. You should definitely think about whether you want hardwood floors or pet-friendly buildings (that's why we recently launched a keyword search box in our apartment search tool), but you should also consider how long it takes you to get to the places you go on a regular basis. If you have to commute 45 minutes each way to get to work, take a minute to consider how that will affect your quality of life. For more tips on comparing commute times, check out our recent blog post on what makes a great apartment search.
  • How do you stay current? We love to read what others are writing about the Real Estate market and urban housing trends. Twitter is a great way for us to discover new content. Some of our favorite people to follow are @InmanNews, @CityLab, @JeffSpeckAICP, and @SmartGrowthUSA.