Congratulations to the winners and the finalists selected to be a Top Tech Blog to Watch in 2015!!! With such a vast amount of information readily available in today’s business world, it can be difficult to determine which content is worthwhile. Broadview Networks is seeking out the most relevant websites in the online technology, business innovation, and entrepreneurship communities. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, which will help our clients and partners glean the best technology and business advice on the web.

Broadview Networks is a leading business VoIP and cloud communication provider serving business customers since 1996. Broadview has built and operates its own advanced communications network and offers next-generation services including cloud-based phone systems, integrated networking services, and cloud-computing services. We are constantly seeking ways to be the best resource on business and technology news for our clients, partners, and readers – hence our award series for the best blogs on these topics!

We asked each of our winners to answer a few questions, below are their responses:

- How would you describe your blog to readers of our site?

- What new technology should every business be aware of and prepared to incorporate moving forward?

- How do you make sure you’re on top of the latest technology news and trends?

3rd Planet Techies

Describe Your Blog: 3rd Planet Techies is a multi-topic technology blog with focus on small business, news, electronics, reviews, tutorials, how-to DIY guides, web programming and IT support. We strive to promote start-ups, innovative tools and best electronic gadgets to our tech-savvy audience.

What to watch for moving forward? With the top search engines making of mobile-friendly websites a ranking factor: It is required of every business to have a mobile responsive website that can be viewed from all devices including PDAs and smart watches.

Innovative mobile marketing, social media presence and creating apps to increase productivity should also be taken into consideration when extending the target of your business to mobile audience.

How do you stay current? This is no brainier really, we've made our platform so easy for start-ups to pitch their contents to us. We do a lot with press releases and more by subscribing to popular technology company's social media handles. Our vast knowledge on web programming and electronic gadget's review has made it so natural for us to keep up with all latest tech trends.

Down the Avenue

Describe Your Blog: Down the Avenue focuses on trends and passions from a consultant's point of view who offers guidelines, extensive industry event coverage and product round-ups in the technology, lifestyle, travel and wellness space. The site also does product reviews and comments on important issues that impact our world, from the Internet of Things and the connected world to health, curation, mobile apps, social media, marketing and more. Its uniqueness is in its personal and authentic touch as well as the fact that it's a female perspective, which is so missing in the tech world. Down the Avenue has also been around for over a decade, before the platforms we know of today even existed, therefore the site comes with depth, breadth, history and knowledge of an industry long before a world where companies that offer very little else than a few fun features get evaluated at astronomical figures. In my view, this has had a questionable impact on the perception of the technology industry and true innovation.

What to watch for moving forward? The impact that Bluetooth technology on our smart phones will have on collecting data in real time is far beyond what we can imagine today -- from real time health feedback to acting as a catalogue for our day-to-day life movement, BIG DATA is transforming the world as we know it today. Imagine a world where tracking is done for you all the time. It is changing how we view the world and interact with it. With careful planning, we can use this ability in smart ways to curate cultural trends and activities, which for historians and anthropologists is profound. It is also instrumental for the medical industry where doctors can now engage in the process with patients rather than dabble in their prognosis. Ethics and care will be the order of the day here moving forward.

How do you stay current? While it may sound like I don't tap into content from traditional media, I get there but often through social media. I monitor Twitter, Facebook and Instagram streams every day, pointing me to new trends and often those links lead me to articles in Forbes, NY Times, WSJ and Techcrunch or in consumer media and blogs where views on the impact technology is having on every day consumers is being reported. I have a host of verticals I follow to make sure I'm not being too narrow in my world view.

Educational Technology Blog

Describe Your Blog: In this blog, I discuss and share resources about: Free resources for teachers, Google and Chromebooks for education, educational ideas and tips, educational topics, IT and EdTech issues, Personal Learning Networks, Project Based Learning, Evernote, Discovery Education and more.

What to watch for moving forward? Cloud based systems, BYOD, Chromebooks. More and more systems are moving to the cloud and employees want to use their own devices. Also, security - making sure your networks and data are secure. Chromebooks are an excellent mobile tool for businesses - no data stored on them to lose.

How do you stay current? I use Feedly to follow about 100 sites on technology and educational technology. I also have a growing network of contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ that share resources.

Ethan Banks on Networking

Describe Your Blog: Ethan Banks on Networking is a forward looking contemplation of emerging enterprise and data center networking technology. A CCIE with over 20 years of hands on experience, Ethan writes from a real world point of view informed by his chats with IT vendors in Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston, and elsewhere.

What to watch for moving forward? Technologies that focus on automation and infrastructure integration across all silos are no longer optional. Why? IT is about delivering applications, not maintaining infrastructure.

How do you stay current? I talk to vendors via regular briefings, read dozens of RSS feeds, watch videos at and elsewhere, and perform my own lab work to vet new concepts or trial new software.


Describe Your Blog: A national technology news site headquartered in Seattle, covering everything from startups to tech titans, as well as geek culture.

What to watch for moving forward? We believe that augmented reality and virtual reality will have a big impact on businesses going forward, and we have just begun to see the potential applications.

How do you stay current? We've covered the tech beat for more than 15 years, and we believe that experience helps us break news and keep abreast of the top tech trends.

I, Cringely

Describe Your Blog: I write about technology and business and have the oldest blog in this category having published more than one million words since 1997. I explain technology to business people and business to geeks. I am always on the side of users.

What to watch for moving forward? The impact of cloud computing is only beginning to be realized and most people just don't get how game-changing this is. It will not just change how you use computers in your business, it will change the very nature of your business with resulting winners and losers. It's better to be a winner.

How do you stay current? I spend all day every day interacting with the smartest, best-informed people I know, many of whom are my readers. My comments sections are extraordinarily good.


Describe Your Blog: iGeeksBlog is a one-stop resource where you get your daily dose of iPhone/iPad/Watch and Mac related stuff. You can find answers to troubleshoot problems, find new apps and accessories for your gadget, and pretty much everything new and interesting about iOS and OS X. iGeeksBlog is a cool resource to look up, a place to get your fill of Apple-news. And it's an awesome community of passionate folks from around the world.

What to watch for moving forward? This is a tough one to answer. What tech a business should use depends 99.99% on where the customers are. We run an online blog - our folks are on Facebook, Twitter, coming through Google, and three-fourths of our traffic is from mobile phones or tablets, so we have to be on mobile phones and tablets which means the tech we are after is responsive, fast, resourceful and content-rich platforms. The keyword, I guess, is "presence." A business should be present where its customers are. When your customer thinks of you, you've got to be there. Mobile phones, wearables are ruling the roost now. Apps. They are definitely a place to be.

How do you stay current? Well, there are two sides to this. One is the handy feed-reader. I've got a huge bunch of websites I check every morning and almost throughout the day. The other is community. This is where I get to know what the community (around Apple, iOS, iDevice) talks, wants, rants, loves etc. Forums and Reddit pretty much make up this space.


Describe Your Blog: InfyTalk is our executive blog forum, focusing on the intersection of business and technology. Our subject matter experts and leaders bring perspectives across a wide range of topics as technologies and trends continuously evolve. Recently, we have published posts on topics such as, learning for versatility, Internet of Things, digitization, encryption, security, the startup ecosystem, etc. Infytalk encourages our readers to comment, deliberate and engage in conversations with our leaders and thinkers.

What to watch for moving forward? In order to succeed in a world that is being irrevocably digitized, organizations must renew their core and simultaneously innovate into new frontiers. Whether it is in the renewal of existing systems and bringing more efficiency, or addressing completely new kinds of opportunities that are opening up ─ enterprises need new ideas and new innovations. The world is being reshaped by latest innovations in technologies such as, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics & Big Data.

How do you stay current? At the company level, our leaders are constantly in conversations with clients globally. Our blogs are a result of these conversations. We are also in touch with subject matter experts in the market and we work with agencies that constantly monitor the changing landscape across industries.

IT Business Edge

Describe Your Blog: We write about business technology every day, but more than that, we are focused on the success of the people who choose, deploy and maintain it in pursuit of their organizational goals. IT and line of business professionals rely on IT Business Edge’s content to follow key technology trends from beginning to end and gain insight into how they can help the business succeed. Without fluff, we keep the focus on the bottom line for the business.

What to watch for moving forward? We’re fascinated by the potential of Big Data and the speed with which analytics capabilities are being integrated into tools used by every part of the business, from HR to marketing to IT. Taking the right steps in this area will be make-or-break for many businesses in the next several years.

How do you stay current? What’s so interesting about working with and writing about technology right now is that we find trends everywhere. As experienced writers, we keep in contact with researchers, analysts and vendors. We are active on social media, where we can get a good view of how everyone from the end user to the board of directors is interacting with technology. And our own experiences with both mainstream and enterprise technology often lead to fresh angles to explore; keeping an open mind to new sources is key.

Jon Arnold's Analyst 2.0 Blog

Describe Your Blog: My Analyst 2.0 blog has been running since 2005, and continues to focus on trends that matter to decision makers in the ever-broadening field of IP-based communications. Initially, this was defined by VoIP, but today extends to collaboration, both in the workplace and the contact center. Today, JAA’s independent thought leadership extends to Unified Communications, video applications, mobile environments, social media, Big Data, Internet of Things, cloud communications platforms, SIP trunking and VoIP security.

What to watch for moving forward? On a broad scale, businesses need to be aware of technologies that enable employees to communicate and collaborate anywhere, any time and on any device. Balancing this, however, IT decision makers need to be current on technologies that enable these seamless experiences, but also ensure network security and personal privacy. Finally, both consumers and providers of communications technologies need to balance the demands of today’s always-on digital world, as the lines continue to blur between the workplace and our home lives.

How do you stay current? As an analyst, I stay current by maintaining ongoing contact with both the leading players and emerging companies in the IP communications space. This includes industry briefings, attending conferences and conducting research to support my thought leadership as well as client projects.

Manufacturing Business Technology (MBT Blogs)

Describe Your Blog: In addition to the insights of our own editorial staff, we tap into leading industrial IT experts for their take on the latest trends impacting infrastructure, device use, networks, big data, components and other factors impacting manufacturing tech. We tackle critical issues such as Industrial IoT, automation, network security, software, integration strategies and more to help manufacturers stay up-to-date with the changes that will impact every facet of their enterprise.

What to watch for moving forward? As data becomes the driver of nearly all manufacturing decision-making and revenue-generating activities, security needs to be at the forefront of technological education, application and investment. Greater connectivity and data sharing is important, but protecting it has become essential.

How do you stay current? Just like our reader’s facilities, we stay connected on multiple fronts. We’re constantly analyzing survey findings, speaking with industry suppliers and obtaining feedback from our readers in developing content that addresses their needs and challenges the current technology being championed.

Mobile Magazine

Describe Your Blog: Mobile Magazine, (MobileMag) is the ultimate source of all that you need to know about technology, gadgets, future and all things good. We are in love with Apple, Google is our best friend, Kickstarter never fails to motivate and latest cool gadgets, oh boy, with them it’s always a steaming affair! What makes us unique? Time changes, so does technology; and that’s where we at MobileMag, come to your rescue. We keep you abreast with all the current updates of what this world is heading to and what you really need to know. At the end of day, we believe in honest to good dialogues, constructive criticisms, and genuine feedback.

What to watch for moving forward? The biggest thing we want to see is how well the world puts good data to use in mobile technologies of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) where all businesses must be at the top of the ever fluid, social, intelligent and mobile customer whose preferences change every few days like good fashion. No longer can businesses leave their customers and potentials unattended as they are mobile and nifty with technologies. Whomsoever does the best job of mining the data and knowing who their customer really is and what their preferences are, at any given time, will win the game.

How do you stay current? Well we just read a lot, our team at MobileMag is one of the most open minded, friendly group of folks you'll ever meet. We absolutely love to engage and meet tons of greet people in our industry; we get involved and participate on panels at seminars, technology events and innovation conferences a lot. We keep on top of social buzz, viral triggers and ensure conversations are flowing within the team to constantly inspire each other and pick up topics of information that can help our readers. We just simply love to

engage and immerse ourselves in technology and absolutely love when our readers join in and share cool stories with us on our blog.

Rabid Office Monkey

Describe Your Blog: Rabid Office Monkey is a site focused on issues facing entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers, marketers, and others involved in small business. Our aim is to create a community of small business marketing, sales, and other subject-matter experts and practitioners sharing news, tips, and advice. In addition to discussing best practices and tips, Rabid Office Monkey shares information on business technology, software, and gadgets that small businesses need to consider to stay ahead of their competition.

What to watch for moving forward? As more and more members of the millennial generation move into the workplace, businesses large and small need to be ready with the right tools to recruit them as employees and reach them as B2C customers and B2B influencers and decision makers. That means thinking about mobile technology (mobile apps, responsive websites, mobile-ready content) to reach this generation that is rarely without a smartphone in hand.

How do you stay current? The key to staying abreast of the latest technology news and trends is reading a variety of different news sources. You need to stay on top of not only consumer-oriented technology: you also need to know what's going on in the business world, too. As our lives become more fluid and smartphones and apps cause work life to flows into personal life (and vice versa) the difference between work tech and life tech gets smaller.


Describe Your Blog: With more than a dozen blogs folded into its daily offerings, the award-winning has a pulse on the latest in news, technology, politics, pop culture, science, sports, and so much more. Known for its witty, irreverent and intelligent take on current events, Slate often sets the tone for the news of the day.

What to watch for moving forward? Nothing in particular because technology is always evolving in every way.

How do you stay current? Slate's tech bloggers stay on top of news and trends through Twitter, targeted RSS feeds, Techmeme, and countless other online channels. But they find that spending lots of time talking to people about their research or companies is the best way to get a sense of what's coming up in the technology world. Slate's tech coverage also excels in a large part through the blog Future Tense -- "the citizen's guide to the future" -- in partnership with the New America Foundation and Arizona State University. At Future Tense, Slate writes on emerging technologies and connects them to public policy and society at large.


Describe Your Blog: Our readers range from the upper management of your favorite sports franchise to the average weekend warrior looking to prepare for their first 5K. While their day-to-day priorities are different, they all share the love of sports and technology and learning about the latest technology as well as products that are coming to the market and likely to a stadium near you.

What to watch for moving forward? In terms of technology for businesses of any size/focus every business should be aware, I believe the number one innovation is moving your business to the cloud. Having everything you work on be immediately collaborative and easily searchable will save you time and energy. If you haven’t moved your business cloud-based and utilize the numerous options that are available, you can be sure your competitor has and is working more efficiently.

How do you stay current? For any media company, staying on top of the latest news comes down to one thing: Sources. Luckily for us at SportTechie, we have built numerous sources throughout the sports and technology worlds that help keep us up to date on all the happenings in our industry. In the 24/7 news cycle, it is impossible for one person or even a small team to keep up on all the industry news and having professional relationships in the industry you cover is vital.

Startup Professional Musings

Describe Your Blog: The purpose of my blog is to provide practical guidance and assistance to entrepreneurs and startup founders in finding business ideas, funding, executive mentoring, and business networking to incorporate a business, file patents, add an advisory board, and address operational issues. I share what I have learned from years of experience and demonstrated results as an executive in general management, angel investor, conducting due diligence for investors, and mentoring new technical executives.

What to watch for moving forward? I don’t see any one technology that is key to every business. Entrepreneurs should be aware that there are new technology opportunities in medicine, alternative energy, software, computers, and many others. Every existing business should be on the lookout for new technologies in their domain that will make or break their business as they move forward.

How do you stay current? I read books, follow blogs, listen to radio shows, and talk to experts in many fields. I happen to love technology, so this effort is my hobby, and fun for me.

The Healthcare IT Guy

Describe Your Blog: I provide actionable and operationalizable technology strategy and systems engineering advice for IT staff at health systems, insurers, pharma, retail, and government health facilities working on hard to solve safety- and life-critical IT issues. More than a "news & views" site, my blog helps practitioners find solutions that will help them get their jobs done efficiently and safely.

What to watch for moving forward? The obvious stuff like cloud and big data is of course important but I would more important than the tech itself is helping businesses understand the value of specific technology -- such as why it's useful, when not to use it, how to evaluate tech's utility, understand the failure modes and effects, and figure out how to quantify tech risk. When dealing with safety critical systems that can harm patients' lives it's not always the best tech that wins -- it's usually the safest and that which can be easily integrated into clinical workflows.

How do you stay current? I read vociferously. But, as a thought leader I write a lot and speak a lot -- by going to conferences and meeting with the people creating the technologies I get unique insights that I can bring to my readers. I also run my own conferences where I bring people together and interview them on stage -- this helps get to the "practitioners" viewpoint, going beyond basic marketing and other broadcast messages.

The Ink Blog

Describe Your Blog: The Ink Blog exists to provide focused, entrepreneur-oriented guidance in best practice around the web. I publish step-by-step instructions dealing with specific tasks and problems; I share the tools and resources that myself and others have found useful in everything from web development to business administration. I also showcase entrepreneurs who put these principles into action!

What to watch for moving forward? Time and again, I find that so much tech punch is packed into freely-available and low-cost solutions. A few of the latest gems in my own experience are, Screaming Frog SEO, and Rignite. It would be a mistake to leave out tried and true tools like Google Drive or GoToMeeting, though. Some of these resources carry a moderate cost, of course – but many among the very best do not!

How do you stay current? I stay current with industry authorities such as Hubspot, Matt Cutts’ Gadgets, Google and SEO, Marketo, and Wordstream; I also have a hard copy subscription to Industry podcasts are great, too: SEO Rockstars, Smart Passive Income, The Social Media Examiner Show, Firepole Marketing’s Business Reimagined, the #ASKGARYVEE Show, and Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy. Last – but absolutely not least! – I’m involved in facilitating a local tech meetup group, the Bethesda/Friendship Heights Business Web Tech Strategies Meetup near Washington, D.C.

What's Next Blog

Describe Your Blog: What's Next Blog helps communications professionals stay up to date with news about what's working online and what's not, plus trends, tools and tactics they can use.

What to watch for moving forward? New technologies that can help companies in verticals from cars to cookies include Hangouts on Air, Crowdcast, Google+ Collections and social relationship management tools.

How do you stay current? I keep ahead of the latest trends by belonging to several private and public Google+ communities; I read constantly; go to tech meetups and try scores of new tools and platforms to see if they will be of use to my clients and my readers.

Where It's AT

Describe Your Blog: A blog focused on assistive technology and accessibility topics, covering a range of information including product reviews, events, accessibility tips, updates on laws, and more.

What to watch for moving forward? Website/online accessibility, allowing consumers of all abilities to engage and utilize any service or business product.

How do you stay current? We utilize social media, web news crawlers, and networking to make sure we are aware of the latest news nationally and internationally.