Cumberland Mm B

Company Profile

Name: Cumberland County College

Service: Education

Size: 3 campuses, 4,000 students

Location: Vineland, NJ

Challenge: Replace on-site PBX with cloud-based phone solution to gain extra cost-savings, flexibility and business continuity.


Cumberland County College is a comprehensive community college dedicated to
serving a diverse community of learners and employers through quality innovative
programs. The college has 200 employees, 4,000 students, and three campuses—
the main campus in Vineland, New Jersey and two campuses in Millville, New Jersey.


When given the option of physically moving their traditional phone system to a new
Network Operations Center or switching to a cloud-based phone system, the Chief
Technology Officer for Cumberland County College, Doug White, voted “cloud.” 

“We are in the process of renovating the administration building, which houses the main connections for our phone system,” said Doug White. “Our current phone system is a PBX [Private Branch Exchange] with copper wires that connect to all the other buildings on campus, and part of the renovation plan was to move it to a new Network Operations Center. But, if we chose to move it, we would have to re-route all the copper wires to all the different phones and buildings.” 

Avoiding a costly move is not the only benefit the college expected when it switched to a cloud-based system: business continuity is also important. “After Hurricane Sandy hit, many colleges were without communication for weeks on end. We wanted to be sure that we would never lose touch with our staff and students,” said White. “With OfficeSuite, we know the system will be up even when the campus is closed.” 

Of all the phone systems the college considered, Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite was the clear winner. “OfficeSuite was the best one we looked at,” asserted White. “It offered us all the capabilities we wanted and was the most affordable.”The college was impressed by how quickly OfficeSuite was installed. “The implementation was absolutely seamless. It was just amazing,” said White.

“With OfficeSuite®, we know the system will be up even when the campus is closed.”Doug WhiteChief Technology Officer


Cumberland County College enjoys many benefits with OfficeSuite. “The key benefit was avoiding the purchase of a new PBX system and the re-wiring of our entire campus,” White explained. “It will save us tens of thousands of dollars.” “OfficeSuite also gives us a lot more flexibility. Our professors teach classes at all three campuses, so they will appreciate the ability to log into any phone at any of our locations and use it as their own,” said White.

In addition, OfficeSuite’s multi-site capabilities are very helpful. “Having the same phone system—the same look and feel at all three campuses—is a huge benefit. All the employees are in one directory and can be dialed from any location using a four-digit extension.”

The college has found OfficeSuite to be much easier to manage than its previous system. “The whole system can be managed from one centralized website that I can access anywhere. We can also move phones around, plug them into the network, and set them up in minutes,” said White. “There was only one person who understood the last system, but OfficeSuite is very intuitive.”


Cumberland County College understands the integral role technology plays in connecting students and faculty, so finding a future-proof phone system that will stay current was imperative. “With any traditional phone system, you are always behind. But with OfficeSuite, you’re always current because Broadview is constantly updating the software.” “OfficeSuite is a great fit for us, and it would be a great fit for any college.”

“The implementation was absolutely seamless. It was just amazing.”Doug WhiteChief Technology Officer