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Company Profile

Name: ERSA Court Reporters

Service: Legal Services

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Challenge: ERSA Court Reporters needed a phone system that wouldstabilize costs and implement business continuity initiatives.


ERSA Court Reporters is dedicated to providing only the highest degree of services throughout the legal community. ERSA provides a comprehensive portfolio of legal services:instant, daily and expedited transcripts; word indexing; state-of-the-art digital video and playback services; video conferencing/mobile and in-house; and audiotape transcription services. The company’s uncompromising pledge of commitment assures that each client’s experience will be one of complete satisfaction. ERSA has two locations—one office in Center City Philadelphia and another office in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 


Tired of incurring surprise charges and not having the ability to connect with customers during inclement weather and other emergencies, ERSA Court Reporters wentin search of a new phone system that would stabilize costs and implement businesscontinuity initiatives. Laura Grosso, president of ERSA, had the foresight to know that just one disaster could put the company out of business.“The law doesn’t stop,” explained Grosso. “No matter what happens, our clients must be able to reach us.” In addition, Grosso was frustrated by surprise charges from previous vendors. “We had a maintenance contract, but we kept getting charged extra fees and not receiving the availability of—or level of—support we needed.” 

“The city of Philadelphia—and all our neighboring businesses—shut down, but we were able to remain open and available to our clients.”Laura GrossoPresident, ERSA Court Reporters


The solution to ERSA’s challenges was a cloud-based phone system from Broadview Networks called OfficeSuite®. OfficeSuite® not only controlled and lowered costs, but also gave ERSA the ability to remain available to clients and diminish revenue loss during Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps the only positive aspect of Hurricane Sandy was having time to prepare.Like the rest of the 60 million people impacted by Sandy, Grosso knew the storm was coming. She was able to switch over ERSA’s toll-free numbers so that employees could answer calls from the safety of their homes. “We were able to start preparing at home the Sunday before Sandy hit: emailing clients, rescheduling services and setting up OfficeSuite® to redirect all our incoming calls to employees working fromhome.

The OfficeSuite® Softphone that turns any Internet-connected PC into a fully functional phone also proved to be invaluable to ERSA. “My representatives from Broadview recommended that I get Softphones so that my team and I could manage calls and voicemail just like we were at the office,” said Grosso. “Everything that they said came to fruition. It did what it promised to do.” Aside from being available to clients, Grosso’s primary responsibility was keeping her employees safe. “I didn’t put anybody in harm’s way,” Grosso asserted. “I had our whole team prepared for the jobs that could go on during the worst of the storm, yet everyone was able to stay home. Our calls were all answered like we were in the office. It was very easy to do, and I did not have to incur the liability risk of asking my staff to come to the office in hazardous conditions.


Every client who called into ERSA Court Reporters the week Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast was shocked—they could not believe everyone at ERSA was in the office.What the clients did not realize, however, was that no one at ERSA Court Reporters was actually in the office. Mayor Nutter declared a state of emergency for the city of Philadelphia and encouraged everyone to stay off the roads. So, the staff at ERSA stayed home—yet they were able to keep ERSA open for business.

“The city of Philadelphia—and all our neighboring businesses—shut down, but we were able to remain open and available to our clients,” said Grosso. “We accomplished some jobs when our competitors could not even operate. It would not have been possible to function during the storm with our previous system.” “Customer service is what matters to the clients—they were shocked we were answering their calls. People were pleasantly surprised. We got a lot of ‘Wow, thanks! This is great.’ It showed clients we were there for them when other agencies couldn’t even answer their calls. And OfficeSuite® made it all very seamless—clients didn’t know our office was closed. They thought we were all there!” “If our building goes down for any reason, we can still operate. Having a system like OfficeSuite® that allows us to work from home is invaluable. Some of our clients were so impressed that they asked me how we remained open when everyone else was closed. I told them, ‘Because of OfficeSuite®!’”

“If our building goes down for any reason, we can still operate. Having a system like OfficeSuite® that allows us to work from home is invaluable. Our calls were all answered like we were in the office.”Laura GrossoPresident, ERSA Court Reporters