Interact Mm B

Company Profile

Name: Intercommunity Action Inc. (Interact)

Service: Non-profit organization

Size: 400+ Employees, 5 locations

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Challenge: Interact needed to find a cost-effective communication solution that would enable staff flexibility to be more accessible to their clients and work seamlessly among their five site locations.


Intercommunity Action Inc. (Interact) has helped people live successfully throughout the greater Philadelphia community for over 40 years. Interact’s mission is to provide exemplary behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disabilities and aging services to assist people in achieving their maximum potential and enhance their quality of life. Interact operates more than two dozen individual programs and has over 400 staff members who work tirelessly from their five different locations to fulfill their mission and meet the needs of the community. 


Interact operates five locations throughout the Philadelphia area. Its staff members frequently rotate and work from various sites which made it difficult for clients to reach the right employee. The organization would often receive complaints that clients would search for the phone number for each location and expect to speak directly to the appropriate person when they call, but the staff member was typically working from a different location, with a different phone number. Staff struggled with missing calls, and in the behavioral health sector, it is very important that clients’ calls are always received. Mike Mann, VP of IT Services, explains: “The key driver for looking for a new phone system was the need to unify all my sites under one system to make it easier for someone calling to get to the right person,” explained Mann.The organization also struggled with maintaining its five individual premises-based phone systems at each location, and instead of upgrading each one, he wanted to find one solution that would unify all of their locations to make internal and external communications easier. In addition to the technology challenges, Interact utilizes numerous contract employees that rotate locations and work varied hours, so Interact wanted a flexible solution that would allow workers to share desk spaces and access their individual voicemails from any phone at any of their locations. 

Lastly, Interact is a non-profit organization with a very restricted budget. Therefore, a new communication solution that was budget conscious was a necessity. 

“I highly recommend OfficeSuite® to someone who is looking for the same flexibility and powerful tools that our organization needed.”Mike MannVP of IT Services


The solution for Interact was Broadview Network’s award-winning,cloud-based communications system, OfficeSuite®. OfficeSuite® solved Interact’s challenge of seamless client communications by centralizing its call management. Mann explains: “We are able to be more efficient by having one central receptionist through the Digital Receptionist feature so the calls are all transferred and received properly. It is much easier for our clients to get in touch with the appropriate staff member now.” 

OfficeSuite® did more than just replace Interact’s five different phone systems; it unified its communications and enabled them with the flexible features the organization needed, including extension-to-extension dialing, hot desking and personalized voicemail that is accessible from any site location.The ease-of-use has relieved Mike Mann from time-consuming administrative tasks. “It offloads administrative tasks for me,” he states. “In the former system, I would have to set up and change individual voicemails for our staff, but now they can manage it on their own. We love how the voicemail functions, it is straightforward and powerful,” Mann says. 

In addition to the new functionality and features, price was a huge factor for Mann and his team at Interact since they are non-profit. “We looked at several other hosted solutions and the OfficeSuite® phone system was by far the most cost effective solution. OfficeSuite® cost 30% less than other solutions we found.”


The Chief Executive Officer of Interact recently mentioned to Mann that he had heard of a new client that needed the organization’s services and was not sure who to ask for, but thanks to their new unified communication solution, the client was able to reach the right person the first time. “This was definitive proof that full interconnectivity of sites that OfficeSuite® gave us is working,” Mann states. Mann serves as the only IT support for the entire organization and since OfficeSuite® has one centralized website where he can control they system for all five locations, it is much easier to use and manage, which means he now has the ability to focus his time on growing the organization, instead of spending time on general support duties. 

OfficeSuite®’s powerful features offer the flexibility that Interact was needing to operate more efficiently. Mann explains, “I highly recommend OfficeSuite® to someone who is looking for the same flexibility and powerful tools that our organization needed.” OfficeSuite® has enabled Interact to focus on its mission of providing exemplary behavioral healthcare to those in need in the greater Philadelphia community. Thanks to OfficeSuite®, the organization now has predictable costs so it is far easier to set its budget accordingly. Mann concludes, “Every dime we don’t spend on something else, such as communication solutions, we get to spend on delivering services to those who need them.”

“Since using OfficeSuite®, I have been relieved of a lot of mundane, routine administrative chores because our employees can now do things themselves. I can finally focus on moving the entire agency forward and tend to larger business challenges.”Mike MannVP of IT Services